European Ecolabel

System supported by the European Commission: instituted in 1992 by Regulation No. 880/92/EC, the Community regulation in force today is Regulation (EC) No. 66/2010.
Sign of excellence, guaranteeing a high level of requirement in terms of limiting the impact of products on the environment, while maintaining equivalent efficiency.
The only official European eco-label that can be used in all member countries of the European Union.
In France, the Ministry of the Environment has entrusted support for French policy in terms of deployment of the European Ecolabel to ADEME and its delivery to AFNOR Certification.

Tourist accommodation
● hotels,
● holiday villages,
● seminar centers,
● campsites
● lodges with more than 9 rooms and guest rooms

There are 67 criteria (22 are mandatory criteria and 45 are optional criteria) divided into 5 categories:

  • General management
  • energy,
  • water,
  • waste and wastewater,
  • other criteria

To be certified, a tourist accommodation must meet the mandatory criteria and optional criteria to obtain the number of points required for certification..