The Gironde Tourisme observatory: a service dedicated to players in the tourist economy.

You have a project ? Are you looking for data on your industry Or your territory ? You want to know the tourism characteristics in Gironde?
THEGironde Tourism observatory aims to provide private actors et institutions better knowledge of filières et Gironde tourist markets. collection, interpreter et restores the essential data on'tourist economy departmental: quantitative data (supply and attendance, economic benefits, etc.) and qualitative (knowledge of customers).

Throughown studies ou carried out in collaboration with its partners, Gironde Tourisme provides you with information on:

The key figures of tourism in Gironde

Discover the essential information related to the tourist economy in Gironde!


The annual and seasonal attendance reports present the main attendance results by type of accommodation

The offer and its development

This study, carried out annually, presents the supply of accommodation and its evolution by type and by territory.

The demand

Collection of information on the customers who frequent the Gironde: profiles, origins, behaviors and consumption.


Insights into major tourist sectors: cycling, wine tourism, etc.

The economic weight

Jobs, expenses, revenue from the tourist tax…

The situation

First attendance trends available thanks to economic monitoring systems.

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