Amadour's path

This 500km pedestrian route is the result of collaboration between the departments of Gironde, Lot-et-Garonne, Dordogne and Lot. The latter signed a memorandum of understanding to create a Route Committee (2019-2022 memorandum of understanding, extended in 2023).

Several partners come to enrich and work together on this project:

The Itinerary Committee is divided into three commissions:

The COTECH Itinerary
It brings together stakeholders for thelayout and markup of the route.
Recognized as being of departmental interest in Gironde, the route has been validated by the CDESI (departmental commission for spaces, sites and routes).

COTECH Promotion and Marketing
From expectations of hikers, its role is to define a route promotion plan and coordinate the creation of the necessary tools and actions.
Gironde Tourisme manages it.

COTECH Culture
The particularity of the Amadour path is to rely on a legend. Highlight tales and legends and more broadly the intangible heritage on the course, constitutes an objective which makes the singularity of this route.

Bergerac-Rocamadour: the beginning of the adventure

The route between Périgord and Rocamadour was created in 2011 at the initiative of the Dordogne Department. Secondary road of the way of Compostelle, this way allows a junction between the way of Puy en Velay and the way of Vézelay. The Association of Friends of Saint Jacques du Périgord has joined the project to carry out the installation of specific markup which takes the form of the stylized sportelle of Rocamadour. It comes with the Rocastella, a diploma issued on arrival in Rocamadour after validation of the stages in a passport requested in advance.

This 180 km pedestrian route quickly met with great success and is the subject of a dedicated guide. It is offered by specialized agencies and promoted by the tourist offices of Périgord and Quercy. On the strength of this experience, an idea germinated in the heads of the partners when they discovered a legend that many had forgotten.

But why Soulac-Rocamadour?

All hikers who discover this new route will inevitably ask themselves this question. To understand the link between these two unmissable cities, we must let ourselves be told this famous legend: it tells us that Amadour arrived with his wife Véronique on the Gironde beaches. After the death of Véronique (who would be buried in the Basilica of Notre-Dame-de-la-Fin-des-Terres) Amadour leaves to evangelize the South-West to end up as a hermit on the place which will become Rocamadour (discover the complete legend).
The invitation for itinerant hikers was therefore found:
“From the Atlantic Ocean to the Causses du Quercy, step into the legend!”

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