Responsible wine tourism

In Gironde, we are committed to working for more responsible and meaningful tourism. Aware that these issues are at the heart of territorial dynamics, Gironde Tourisme is positioning itself as a major player in supporting wine tourism service providers, in the implementation and promotion of environmental approaches in their tourist activities,

Several measures have been put in place:

  • support for tourism project leaders to carry out an inventory of the environmental impact of their activities,
  • funding assistance up to 80% of support from a consulting/consulting firm to improve its practices,
  • support for “NF Environment – ​​Visit sites” certification,
  • the organization of training “outside the walls” on ecotourism in the vineyard, with the Institute of Vine and Wine Sciences of Bordeaux.

At the same time, as part of the deployment of these systems, we produced a podcast on eco-gestures in wine properties and we published The practical guide to responsible wine tourism, which completes the collection of “Gironde Tourisme Pro” editions.

The guide to eco-oeno gestures

This guide is intended for managers of wine tourism sites who wish to reduce the impact of their tourist activities on the environment and enhance the approach. Made up of eco-gestures applicable to wine tourism, from the simplest to the most successful, this brochure highlights concrete ideas for starting or deepening a sustainable tourism approach, and informs you about the various technical and/or financial support systems. possible to set up virtuous projects.

We have relied in particular on good practices observed in the Bordeaux vineyards, and beyond, thanks to the network of Best Of Wine Tourism.

The podcast of eco-oeno gestures

Listen to the testimony of Brigitte Tribaudeau from Château Mauvinon and Marie-Noëlle Marengo from Château Hourtin Ducasse, two winegrowers committed to eco-wine tourism:

If you too would like to be accompanied in order to go further in your sustainable wine tourism initiatives, we invite you to complete the following form, and we will come back to you:

Finally, also find the presentation of the network meeting Bordeaux wine trip, irresistible vineyard, “Let’s talk eco-oeno! », from February 28, 2023 at the Château de La Dauphine:

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