The priority for people with disabilities is to live fully their vacation. This natural requirement is not limited to the possibility of finding suitable accommodation (minimum necessary) but of being able to access other tourist services : enjoy places, visit sites, have leisure activities…

On the side of tourist service providers, it is appropriate - for existing Establishments Receiving the Public (ERP) - to comply with 2005 regulations and therefore to offer premises accessible to all handicaps and to inform the public about the accessibility of the premises through a Accessibility Register.

The Tourisme & Handicap brand is a complementary response to the request of people with disabilities who want to be able to choose their holidays and leisure activities in complete freedom. The brand provides a guarantee of efficient reception adapted to the essential needs of disabled people.

The Tourisme & Handicap label is a voluntary approach which commits the service provider to ensuring, in a sustainable manner, a quality welcome to disabled customers.

Tourism & Disability label

All buildings erected since January 1, 2007 must comply with the law of February 11, 2005 supplemented by its various implementing decrees.

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The national Tourisme & Handicap label can be granted for two, three or four families of disabilities (motor, mental, auditory, visual).

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