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Gironde Tourism
Gironde Departmental Tourism Agency

Within the framework of an agreement of objectives and means, Gironde tourism, association law 1901 non-profit, chaired by Mrs. Karine Desmoulin, prepare and implement the tourism policy of the Department of Gironde.

The ADT exercises its competence within the framework of the law of 23 December 1992 (articles 132-1 to 132-6 of the Tourism Code – Ordinance of December 20, 2004) setting therespective state action, regional committees et departmental tourism and tourist offices.

Its board of directors is made up of departmental advisers and members representing professional organizations, tourist offices, consular organizations and tourism associations.

“Activator of responsible and united change, Gironde Tourisme is a creative and innovative agency serving the Gironde territories, tourism and cinema professionals. »
Here is our raison d'être, co-constructed with the employees and stakeholders of Gironde Tourisme, the first step in our CSR Commitment labeling process.

Le Tourism & Leisure Orientation Document voted by the Gironde Departmental Council for the period 2023-2028 affirms: 
Three strategic ambitions
– Continue the commitment in a responsible tourism with a strong focus on ecotourism
– Think a tourism accessible to all, with particular attention to the Girondins
– Roaming and slow tourism identity markers of the tourist offer
Et four main directions :
– Accelerate transitions to a eco-responsible tourism
– Act for a inclusive tourism accessible to all
– Strengthen the territorial solidarity by structuring of sectors
– Impulse a territorial governance and promote the co-construction.

Wishing to assert its social responsibility within this previously defined framework, Gironde Tourisme has defined its own challenges and commitments:

- To accompany the territories in the definition and implementation of their tourism strategies
- Federate tourism stakeholders, to coordinate initiatives, make common tools available
- Develop et animate wine tourism, agritourism, roaming (walking, cycling, river, river), heritage, ecotourism
- Structure et to qualify the departmental tourist offer
- Promote the tourist offer of the department, with the Girondins, in France and abroad
- Facilitate filming activity in Gironde (audiovisual and cinema)
- Follow et analyze economic, environmental and societal indicators in a process of continuous improvement of our organization and our services

Find our commitments on the complete document.