Tourism & Disability label

The brand

It is a mark of quality of reception created by the Ministry of Tourism in 2001 for customers with disabilities, in order to take into account the expectations and needs of disabled people now listed in the law of February 11, 2005. It is one of the state marks.

This mark identifies the accessibility of places of vacation, leisure or culture, for people who need adaptations for the main disabilities (motor, visual, auditory, mental)

It is the result of a partnership between the Ministry responsible for Tourism, tourism professionals and associations representing people with disabilities.

A quoi ça sert?

For tourists with disabilities, the brand provides reliable information on the accessibility of vacation and leisure places, visualized by a pictogram corresponding to the four main types of disability. The customer with a disability is therefore sure to find suitable services, in a safe environment; he is then a tourist in his own right and can come alone, with friends or family.

For a tourism professional, having the brand means gaining a competitive advantage and developing an innovative tourist offer for consumers who gain loyalty.

It is to ensure the promotion of its establishment through all the existing promotion relays (tourist offices, departmental and regional tourism committees, relay house of France abroad)

Who is concerned ?

The tourist offer thus truly open to all, covers the entire field of services: accommodation (campsites, hotels, tourist accommodation, etc.), catering, leisure sites (amusement parks, performance halls), tourist sites (museums, monuments, natural sites, etc., tourist information centers (tourist offices)

How it works ?

The approach is voluntary: any tourism professional can contact Gironde Tourisme to request a diagnosis of the establishment which will be carried out by a pair of assessors specifically trained and responsible for assessing accessibility for four main types of disability according to national criteria.

The applications are submitted to an interdepartmental commission for awarding the mark, made up of representatives of associations of disabled people, representatives of tourism and representatives of the State. The objective is not to stick to an ideal situation but to identify services offering the best possible autonomy, taking into account the human support essential to welcoming the public.

The interdepartmental commission awards the brand to the service provider for a period of five years, for one, two, three or four disabilities (motor, visual, auditory and mental). It is the State, owner of the mark, which notifies the attribution.

As in any labeling process, the service provider signs a charter of commitment, guaranteeing the accessibility of the site.

The Tourisme et Handicaps association, manager of the brand, offers the service provider the rental of a nameplate.

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Deputy to the Director in charge of the Quality and Labeling of the offer
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