Tourism and Leisure Orientation Document 2023-2028

Developed during the year 2022 in a desire to exchange with all the actors (6 territorial meetings with the EPCIs and the tourist offices, exchanges with the representatives of the main sectors) and in relation with the departments of the Department, the Document d'Orientations Tourisme et Loisirs, voted unanimously on December 12, presents the basis of the tourist orientations of the Department of Gironde for the period 2023-2028.

The Department intends to support tourism players around 3 major orientations for a resilient tourism policy, with the common thread of the desire to stimulate territorial governance and promote co-construction: accelerating transitions towards eco-responsible tourism, acting to solidarity tourism accessible to all, strengthening territorial solidarity by structuring the sectors.

The orientations take into account the expectations expressed by the Girondins, at the heart of the tourist strategy: rebalancing of the tourism and leisure offer throughout the department and over the year, development of tourism that respects the environment, better inclusion of inhabitants in the tourist offer, including in a leisure approach.