Cultural heritage

The elected officials of the Department unanimously adopted the Tourism and Leisure Orientation Document 2023-2028 (DOTL).

Orientation and objectives :

1- Accelerate transitions towards eco-responsible tourism
2- Act for inclusive tourism accessible to all
3- Strengthen territorial solidarity by structuring sectors

Focus on the axis Reinforcing territorial solidarity by structuring sectors
> Cultural Tourism and Heritage

• Continue the networking of structuring heritage sites (the Iconics) and promote more confidential sites
• Unite tourism stakeholders and territories around a sector
memorial tourism
• Valuing the territories around key identity themes
• Support the deployment of distinctive heritage labels
• Promote local gastronomy and local products
• Promote know-how (including crafts, crafts)
• Make events and living heritage elements
attractiveness all year round

Strategy for promoting the heritage of Gironde Tourisme

The heritage enhancement strategy implemented by Gironde Tourisme is organized into three complementary levels, which allow coverage of all the Girondin territories, and makes the link with itinerancy to promote the discovery of the whole department.

Level 3: enhancement of cultural and natural heritage through thematic circuits

Gironde Tourisme has put together a collection of 50 booklets “The most beautiful walks of Gironde Tourism” which allow you to discover the local heritage, both cultural and natural, thanks to hiking loops.

Gironde Tourisme is also committed to offering fun and free discovery trails for families, which promotes accessibility to all.
In partnership with CRT Nouvelle 45 Terra Aventura courses are currently offered: these are treasure hunts based on a dedicated digital application. They complement the 79 Robin Tracks courses, an existing valuation on the destination since 2007, whose success is undeniable.

All confused, 167 heritage discovery circuits currently exist in the Gironde.

Level 2: highlighting themes

These different themes are often promoted in partnership with representative association networks, sometimes for many years.

  • Mediafixer mills in partnership with the Girondine Association of Friends of the Mills – AGAM
  • Bastide towns with the Union of bastide towns of Gironde
  • The lighthouses of Gironde through The Lighthouse Route in partnership with the SMIDDEST and other partners
  • As part of the hiking sector, the promotion of the heritage of the routes of Santiago de Compostela, by working with various associations such as Friends of Santiago de Compostela in Aquitaine, or one by agreement with the association Bordeaux Compostela.

91 websites have already been put forward at this level.
In the years to come, other themes will be worked on in conjunction with partners and territories.

Level 1: the network of remarkable, Iconic sites in Gironde.

The creation of this network of remarkable sites figured in the objectives of the 2017-2021 departmental plan.
The objective is to federate sites of great renown for the benefit of notoriety of the destination, while cultivating their role asambassador to highlight the heritage of the territories.

Mediafixer Iconiques en Gironde brings together 19 sites managed by 13 partners.

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