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Law n°2004-575 of June 21, 2004 for confidence in the digital economy: art.6-III and art.19
Law N°78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms: art.22 and art.32
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Law n°82-652 of July 29, 1982 on audiovisual communication: art.93-2

This site is the property of the Gironde Tourist Development Agency "Gironde Tourisme", which manages it.
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The President of the Gironde Tourist Development Agency named under the "Gironde Tourisme" brand: Mrs. Karine DESMOULIN
association law 1901 – office address:

Gironde Tourism Development Agency 
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CS 92015
1 and 4 Terrace of May 8, 45

Address of the head office – hotel of the department – ​​esplanade Charles de gaulle – 33074 bordeaux cedex
Siret: 781 843 750 000 30 ape 8413z
Association not subject to VAT by decision of the tax authorities of October 11, 2000.
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The entire software work and all its components are the exclusive property of Gironde Tourisme. The texts, photos and multimedia files present on this platform are the exclusive property of Gironde Tourisme, which alone owns the rights or is the duly holder of these with its partners.
This entire site is subject to French and international legislation on copyright and intellectual property. All reproduction rights are reserved, including iconographic and photographic representations.
The reproduction of all or part of this site on any medium whatsoever is strictly prohibited without the express authorization of Gironde Tourisme.
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  • free distribution;
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  • clear and legible citation of the source in the following form: “Document from the website Reproduction rights are reserved and strictly limited ".
    For any other use, please contact us.
  • Photo credits
    The iconographic and photographic representations contained in this site are used with the agreement of their authors:
    In accordance with the intellectual property code, these iconographic and photographic representations remain the property of their authors.
    Reproduction of these photographs and illustrations is prohibited without prior authorization.

Photo credits : David Remazeilles (Gironde Tourism)

Tourist data
SIRTAQUI is the Regional Tourist Information System of AQUItaine.
Information on accommodation, activities and leisure, heritage, restaurants and festivals and events are collected by a network of partners and consolidated in a common database that meets quality requirements in the collection, entry, formatting, verification and dissemination of information.
Co-financed by Europe, the Region and the departments, led by the Aquitaine Regional Tourism Committee, the system brings together the Departmental Tourism Committees of Dordogne, Gironde, Landes, Lot-et-Garonne and Béarn Basque Country. The latter organize and manage their departmental network.
In Gironde, information is regularly updated by tourist offices, label management organizations and Gironde tourism. For any questions regarding the SIRTAQUI database, please send an email to

Privacy Policy
The information sent is intended for Gironde Tourisme, which will process your requests for information. In accordance with article 34 of the law "Informatique et liberté", you have a total right of access, modification, rectification and deletion of personal information concerning you. To exercise this right, contact:
Gironde Tourism Development Agency 
Gironde building
CS 92015
1 and 4 Terrace of May 8, 45

Confidentiality of mails
Regarding the information relating to the sending of e-mails, we inform you that:
– the secrecy of correspondence transmitted via the Internet is not guaranteed;
– e-mails are kept on computer support for the time required by the organization to provide a response.

CNIL Declaration
This site has been the subject of a declaration to Computing and Liberties (CNIL), declaration number: 1885296; 188295; 1885294.

The site offers links to other sites. These sites, whose addresses are regularly checked, are not part of the “Gironde Tourisme” site. The Gironde Tourisme team has no control over their content and declines all responsibility for the information presented there.
In addition, if you book travel services via links to other sites, GIRONDE TOURISME will not be responsible for the proper performance of these travel services. If there is a problem, please contact the relevant service provider.

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The use of the site entails acceptance of the conditions of use of the site, set out below.
Intellectual property
This entire site (structure, presentation and content) constitutes a work protected by French and international legislation in force on copyright and, in general, on intellectual property.
Gironde Tourisme is the owner, or holder of the rights, of all the elements that make up this site, in particular the texts, data, photos. All rights, including in particular exploitation rights, reproduction and extraction rights on any medium, of all or part of the elements appearing on the web pages of this site, as well as the rights of representation and reproduction on any support, of all or part of the site itself, the rights of modification, adaptation or translation, are reserved exclusively for Gironde Tourisme and its possible assigns – and this, subject to the pre-existing rights of third parties having authorized the digital reproduction and/or integration into this site, by Gironde Tourisme, of their works of whatever nature.
Any reproduction, representation, distribution or redistribution, total or partial, of the content of this Site by any process whatsoever without the express prior authorization of Gironde Tourisme is prohibited, and would constitute an infringement punishable by articles L 335 – 2 and of the Code of
The reproduction of the texts and web pages of the site on a paper medium remains authorized, subject to compliance with the following cumulative conditions: free distribution, respect for the integrity and purpose of the documents reproduced (no modifications, no alterations), respect for the purpose of the site in the use of this information and elements, clear and legible citation of the source with mention of the name of the site, its internet address and the "copyright" of Gironde Tourisme.
The trademarks of Gironde Tourisme and its sellers, as well as the corporate names and logos appearing on the site are protected. Any total or partial reproduction of these brands or these logos, made from the elements of the site without the express authorization of Gironde Tourisme or its assigns is therefore prohibited, within the meaning of article L 713 – 2 of the Code la Intellectual property.

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The creation of hypertext links to the home page of the site
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The URL of the targeted page must be clearly indicated. The user site must not make the site appear to be its own, and must refrain from clearly indicating that the user is directed to
The pages of the site must not be nested inside the pages of another site, but can be displayed in a new window.
No "mirroring" of the site, that is to say putting it online at another URL, is authorized. .
The information used should only be used for personal, associative or professional purposes; any use for commercial or advertising purposes is excluded.
This authorization does not apply to websites disseminating information of a controversial, pornographic, xenophobic nature or which may, to a greater extent, affect the sensitivity of the greatest number.
For other uses, please contact us.

Scope of contents
Despite the care taken in the collection of information as well as in the realization of the site by means of the most recent techniques, errors, omissions, inaccuracies, cuts or additions independent of our will may remain or be inserted on this site. Gironde Tourisme cannot, for this reason, be held liable, either expressly or implicitly, for the entire content of the site; the user of the site and the information it contains acknowledges that he uses it at his own risk and that Gironde Tourisme cannot therefore be held liable for any prejudice, direct or indirect, of any nature whether resulting in whole or in part from the use of information on the site.
Similarly, Gironde Tourisme cannot be held liable due to the nature or
Gironde Tourisme – December 2015 – legal notices 3
the content of the sites referenced on the following pages and in particular those for which access is permitted by the use of the hypertext links appearing on the pages of this site. In accordance with Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, you have the right to access and rectify data concerning you.

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Applicable law
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Any dispute will fall under the jurisdiction of the court of the head office of Gironde Tourisme.

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