Membership of Gironde Tourism

Services provided by Gironde Tourisme to tourist offices


Legal Assistance and Advice

  • Information on the regulatory legality of seasonal rental – Elisabeth VUILLET / QUALITY AND LABELING OFFER CENTER
  • Information on the classification of tourist offices and link with the prefecture – Nathalie CLAUZEL / GENERAL DIRECTION POLE ( Enhanced assistance for compiling classification files is also offered as part of quality support)
  • Links and information on MONA (personalized training and support) and ADN TOURISME (national federation offering, among many other services, a store and a legal platform) – Nathalie CLAUZEL / GENERAL MANAGEMENT CENTER

Economic observation

  • Advisory assistance on observation, markets and strategies – Claudine CAMEDESCASSE / OBSERVATOIRE ET STRATÉGIE

Information and promotion

  • Participation in promotional actions – PROMOTION / COMMUNICATION Division


  • Assistance, reception and press trips – PROMOTION – COMMUNICATION Division

SIRTAQUI – Regional database

  • Hotline and assistance on the management of the SIRTAQUI database and advice for the syndication of Internet sites – Nathalie LATRY / POLE DIRECTION GÉNÉRALE
  • Training in the different SIRTAQUI modules – Nathalie LATRY / GENERAL MANAGEMENT POLE
  • Assistance and advice on data entry in the itinerary slip – David REMAZEILLES / POLE ITINÉRANCE & ECOTOURISME
  • Assistance and advice on data entry in accommodation slips and brand management – ​​QUALITY AND LABELING OF THE OFFER

Qualification of the offer

  • Advisory assistance on the qualification of the tourist office – Nathalie CLAUZEL / GENERAL DIRECTION POLE
  • Advisory assistance on the qualification of the accommodation offer – QUALITY AND LABELING OF THE OFFER
  • Advisory assistance on the qualification of the wine tourism offer – Romain BERTRAND / POLE OENOTOURISME – AGRITOURISME
  • Animation of information groups with local service providers on labels and rankings – QUALITY AND LABELING OF THE OFFER
  • Advice on disability and accessibility for all – Elisabeth VUILLET / QUALITY AND LABELING OF THE OFFER
  • Bike welcome label – Jacqueline VAN DER ZALM-MONTHUS / ROAMING & ECOTOURISM CENTER

Documentation and brochure exchange

  • Provision of documentation produced by Gironde Tourisme – PROMOTION / COMMUNICATION POLE
  • Organization of the annual leaflet exchange – Nathalie CLAUZEL / GENERAL MANAGEMENT POLE + PROMOTION / COMMUNICATION POLE

The tools available

  • Access to the Professional area of ​​the Gironde Tourisme website – PROMOTION / COMMUNICATION division
  • Information via the Professional Newsletter – PROMOTION / COMMUNICATION Pole
  • Access to the marketplace – PROMOTION / COMMUNICATION division
  • Access to the Gironde Tourisme Flick'R photo library – PROMOTION / COMMUNICATION division
  • Matinées de Gironde Tourisme – information and discussion sessions on tourism themes

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Amount of contributions

The amount of the subscription is decided each year by the Board of Directors of Gironde Tourisme.

For the year 2023:

The contribution is calculated by adding the fixed part according to the classification of the Tourist Office and the variable part according to the number of Full Time Equivalents of the Tourist Office.

By landline 

Category 1: 535 €
Category 2: 428 €
Category 3 / Syndicate initiative / Unclassified / Relay or information point: €110

Variable part

54€ per Full Time Equivalent – ​​FTE

Representation of tourist offices

The statutes of the Gironde Tourist Development Agency, called Gironde Tourisme, provide that the tourist offices are represented within a college. Each representative participates in the General Assembly.

Within the office, the position of 1st Vice-President is designated among the College of Tourist Offices.
This is currently represented by Mr Yoann BROSSARD.

Your contacts



Director General
Standard: 05 56 52 61 40

Nathalie CLAUZEL


Tourism Quality Manager for Tourist Offices and pilot of the internal quality-CSR approach
Tel. 06 24 47 73 40