Find here all the Technical Days organized by Gironde Tourisme.

The bike in motion – April 10, 2015

This day was an opportunity for meetings and exchanges for the service providers with the Accueil Vélo© label and those who are interested in the label. The panorama of cycling in France was presented by Camille Thomé, General Secretary of Cycling Departments and Regions, and Muriel Grisot, Project Manager at the General Directorate of Enterprises, commented on the study recently published on the cycle rental market. The Accueil Vélo© label and its latest developments were also detailed.

Private accommodation –...

The widening of the scope of tourist accommodation from traditional reception to couchsurfing or accommodation exchange arouses enthusiasm, but also questions, fears and criticisms; this is why the State services commissioned a study on accommodation by private individuals, which we invite you to discover in preview. Town planning, taxation, security, many questions concern unusual accommodation, we suggest that you submit them to a lawyer specializing in this field.

Landscapes and tourism in Gironde – 5 December...

The DATAR study on the “rural” destination presented in December 2012 highlights the quality of the landscapes as an essential criterion for tourists. What is an attractive landscape? What is the place of landscape in our culture? Are our landscapes threatened and how can we preserve them? What is the impact of the landscape on tourism and on decisions to stay?