Departmental Tourism Plan 2017-2021

A new Departmental Tourism Plan

The Gironde is one of the leading tourist departments in France: 4th department for welcoming French people, 1st department on the Atlantic coast in hotel stays with the largest share of foreign customers.
And tourism is a major sector for the Gironde economy: 7% of departmental GDP, 22 300 Jobs on an annual average and up to 31 500 in high season, 1,8 billion euros spent by visitors, tourist wealth in added value estimated at 747 million euros, i.e. 44% of the tourist wealth of Aquitaine (former region) et 3% of the tourist wealth of provincial France.

Beyond its economic importance, tourism contributes to theterritory Development, enhancement of landscapes et know-how as well asdepartment picture, which each year hosts 15 new Girondins.

The tourist issue is therefore very important for the territories of Gironde.

The implementation of a departmental strategy updated aims to support et comfort the dynamics of this sector, generator of economic development and jobs.

The strategic axes of the new Scheme 

The diagnosis and the strategic axes of the new Departmental Tourism Plan were voted by the Departmental Assembly on December 14, 2016.

9 strategic axes were considered priorities:

Axis 1 – Strengthen the notoriety and attractiveness of the Gironde by capitalizing on major brands at national and international levels

Axis 2 – Develop roaming to better broadcast flows in all territories

Axis 3 – Create favorable conditions for the development of thematic offers

Axis 4 – Improve customer reception and information to increase tourism consumption

Axis 5 – Improve digital, physical and social accessibility to offers

Axis 6 – Strengthen the qualification of the offer

Axis 7 – Create favorable conditions for an increase in attendance over the year

Axis 8 – Acting for and with the Girondins

Axis 9 – Optimize actions and means between the different actors

Breakdown into operational objectives and action plan

The development of the operational component was based on a consultation of socio-professionals, elected officials and tourism partners organized in the form of workshops during the first half of 1.

A first series of workshops was organized in March in line with territorial pacts, a new territorial policy that the Department wishes to share and carry with the territories by relying on an innovative method of dialogue and co-construction.

Three other series of workshops have been programmed:

  • Monday, April 10: workshops by tourist territory,
  • Thursday, May 04: thematic workshops,
  • Monday, May 22: conclusions of the work.

Rich in these consultations, the new Departmental Tourism Development Plan was voted by the Departmental Assembly on June 29, 2017.

The document “Together for tourism” presents a summary of this new scheme.