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The Celestine Cave in Rauzan

Culture and heritage

Put on your equipment and follow us, it's time to go down to a depth of 13 meters and discover the Grotte Célestine de Rauzan. Located 40km from Bordeaux, in the heart ofEntre-deux-Mers region, it is the only underground river developed in Gironde.

And A River Runs

The origin of the discovery of this site, now open to visitors, was the result of a happy accident, as you will often tell us. In 1845, a seed grocer from the village put a few blows with a pickaxe to dig a well: he then came across a huge cavity dug by the bed of an underground river, 2,5 km long, which has been passing for thousands of years under his feet.
For a long time fallen into disuse, the cave was enhanced by the town hall in the 90s, then in the early 2000s, via the access arrangement to be able to let the public in, the initial entrance being through the chamber of Célestine (not very practical!). 

© Celestine cave in Rauzan

In caving gear 

As soon as you have your entry ticket in your pocket, the 1m20 compulsory to access the site, you are dressed in high rubber boots, a helmet and a headlamp. Summer and winter, the cave displays a constant temperature of 14 degrees, so depending on the season, don't forget to bring a sweater. 
It's up to you to descend the 80 steps to arrive 13 meters below in a cathedral of milky monochrome rocks. The boots are not too much because it is in the bed of the river that you walk, discovering the many wonders that open before your eyes. You have the feeling of wading, but in fact you are indeed walking in history: enjoy!

Revision of primary courses 

The river extends under the whole village, but only a part is accessible and arranged for the visit. It doesn't matter, that's enough to admire, over more than a kilometer, the calcite concretions left by the passage of water for ages. 
Stalagmites rise as we progress, while stalactites hang above our heads (a nice way to review the difference between the two, because we imagine you from here eternally doubting the correct definition : rest assured, we do the same). And, when the two come together, beautiful white columns dance in the light of our headlamps. In the middle of this natural masterpiece, you are still evolving in the water but, as you have taken the folds, you are more comfortable. 
Not even cold, not even afraid, at the end of this hour of visit which ends with a taste of something new and the impression of having lived a moment out of time, and therefore necessarily unforgettable. It's time for you to put on your daily clothes and leave behind this explorer's outfit which finally suited you perfectly. 

Celestine Cave
8 rue Lansade
33420 Rauzan
Reservation minimum 24 hours in advance by telephone on 05 57 84 08 69
Price: €8/adult – €5/child

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