Are you dreaming of a revitalizing getaway? An amazing next vacation?
Unusual, epicurean, artistic, festive and deeply human, embark on an incomparable journey.

A vineyard to live

Discover a terroir at the top of a tree, go on a treasure hunt in the heart of the vineyards, visit the most breathtaking cellars, discover the profession of cooper, enjoy a banquet in the vineyards or simply go for a bike ride in through Bordeaux and its vineyards, you dreamed of it? 
With friends, alone or with family, the Bordeaux vineyards are an invitation to travel and the promise of a unique parenthesis.

A vineyard to taste

Come and discover the riches of the Bordeaux vineyards. With multiple colors, flavors and facets, it hasn't finished surprising you. Don't wait any longer and push the doors of the vineyard now.

A vineyard to explore

Fancy a getaway in the Bordeaux vineyards? Find all the information and inspiration here.