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The Gironde by boat

Let yourself be tempted by a boat trip in Gironde. A moment of relaxation guaranteed, with the added bonus of unique viewpoints over the Gironde landscapes.

The Arcachon Basin and the Atlantic Coast

Sailing on the calm waters of the Arcachon Bay and admiring the famous tchanquée cabins, the oyster beds and the Dune of Pilat, Wonderful !
The golden beaches of the Atlantic Coast, for their part, are a true paradise for lovers of swimming, surfing and relaxing. Here, the hardest part is choosing (or not).

The Dordogne, L'Isle and the Dronne, a natural setting.

The first has its source in the Massif Central and joins the Garonne to form the Gironde estuary. Between the bastide of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande and that of Libourne, its course is made of meanders at the foot of the hills. It is classified Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO.
The Isle also has its source in the Massif Central, it crosses the department of Dordogne, waters the town of Périgueux and flows into the Dordogne at the foot of the bastide of Libourne.

The Dronne, for its part, has its source in the Périgord Limousin regional natural park. It crosses Coutras and flows into the Isle. They are readily enjoyed by canoe.

The Gironde Estuary, a magical encounter

The largest estuary in Europe is in constant motion: salt water rises up the river at high tide and meets fresh water which takes advantage of low tide to reach the ocean. This singular encounter makes the Estuary a unique, fluctuating place, where islands are made and unmade, where the limits between land and water are sometimes indistinct and where the landscapes constantly surprise: cliffs and hillsides on the right bank, terraces where the vineyard flourishes Médocain on the left bank .
Discover it from Bordeaux, there are many cruises there.

The Garonne, Le Ciron and the Canal de Garonne, a gentle effervescence

Like Cadillac and Langon, the quays of the Garonne come to life all year round. Let's take a walk Strolling along ou by bike along the river and along the Canal de Garonne, there is always something to do: taverns, shipyard, visit to a castle… The Ciron, one of its tributaries, hides unsuspected biodiversity and gives birth to a treasure, the Sauternes.
This intimate relationship between water and wine offers many possibilities for discovery, the Cité du Vin in the city of Art and History of La Réole, there is no shortage of tasting cruises on the river and visits to historic castles!