Pedestrian, mountain bike

Fontet Loop

Distance: 24,5 km
Duration: 6h10
Difficulty : Average
Departure: FONTET
Around water (canal, stream, lake, marsh, ...)
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Step 1

Departure from the car park at the foot of the Romanesque church of Saint-Front de Fontet.

Step 2

After 200 meters, turn left to reach the first bridge of the circuit, you pass in front of the museum of crafts and match monuments.

Step 3

Turning left, you cross the Fontet nautical stop, an ideal place to spend a day with the family. You can enjoy the swimming lake in summer, fish and rest in the shade of the wooded park.

Step 4

For almost 700 meters, you follow the Canal de Garonne to reach a first bridge overcoming one of the six locks of Gironde crossing this Canal.

Step 5

After 2,8 kilometres, you can see the town of Hure and its very old Saint-Martin church on the other side, built on the remains of an important Gallo-Roman villa.

Step 6

You continue along the Canal de Garonne to the next bridge. Cross this bridge to reach the commune of Noaillac after 3 kilometers of wooded landscapes and countryside.

Step 7

In front of the XNUMXth century Saint-Jean church, you can observe its long nave and its rectangular chapel, vaulted with projecting warheads with sculpted keys.

Step 8

In the center of the village, the reposoir, built in 1685, is an altar erected on the route intended to shelter pilgrims. The viewpoint offers a magnificent panorama over the valley.

Step 9

After 2,8 kilometers on country roads, you come to a fork. Turn left and follow the road for almost 2 kilometers to the D9.

Step 10

You cross the D9 for 100 meters to find the rural road on the left. After 2,5 kilometers you arrive at Loupiac-de-La-Réole.

Step 11

On the side, you will see the Sainte-Croix church, completely restored in the XNUMXth century, and its magnificent gate protected by an awning.

Step 12

1 kilometer away is an old charterhouse from the XNUMXth century, called Château de la Bastide, owned by monks until the Revolution. A few meters away is the Saint-Saturnin church. The Romanesque portal classified as a Historic Monument is remarkable.

Step 13

Turning left, you go around a body of water, cross the last bridge to reach the Saint-Front church.

Step 14

From the road, you can observe the circular XNUMXth century dovecote of Château La Grange, topped with a roof covered with flat tiles.

Points of interest

L’église Saint-Front

Saint-Front Church

Le colombier du château La Grange

The dovecote of Château La Grange

Le canal de Garonne

The Garonne canal

Les écluses


Les maisons d’éclusier

The lock keeper's houses

L’église Saint-Saturnin

Saint-Saturnin church

Le château de La Bastide

The castle of La Bastide

L’église Sainte-Croix

The Holy Cross Church

L’église Saint-Jean

St. John's Church

L’église Saint-Martin

Saint Martin's Church