You, the curious, fans of discovery and real surprises… yes, yes, you over there: come with us, we'll take you into the surprising world of rehabilitated cellars designed as works of art. Beautiful architectural signatures for great wines, and a nice way for the vineyard to reinvent itself, by surprising its world. But when it comes to contemporary architecture, we want to say “there's something for everyone”: that's why your kind servants have concocted the best of tops for you to discover the artistic treasures of the vineyard. You're welcome... we're enjoying it too!

Château Beychevelle Médoc
©Pierre Grenet / Château Beychevelle

the most divine

The story begins in 1987, when Ricardo Boffil was touched by grace and signed the cellar of Château Lafite Rothschild. 2200 barrels, just that: the Spanish architect highlights a circular place with a Greco-Roman atmosphere. Unexpected, secret, surprising… There are no words to describe the character of this cellar with Olympian charm, the first in the Bordeaux vineyards to be re-enchanted.

The most bewitching

The Alhambra better watch out, because here you are in an exotic and avant-garde universe. Michel Reybier, alias the “Maharaja of Saint-Estèphe”, and above all owner of Château Cos d'Estournel, invites you on a journey that will excite your senses. Topped by a glass and steel walkway, the winery, a veritable showcase of technology, plunges you directly into a contemporary and refined universe. Surprising and explosive, it offers itself to you, in the heart of a “palace” where wine is (necessarily) king.

The most 360

A real technical feat, the state-of-the-art cellar of Château Kirwan is fully adapted for the visit, with its panoramic room of 80 m2 and a view of the vineyards to die for, all in an ultra-vegetal environment where art and nature intertwine. A place redesigned in 2017 by Bordeaux architects Caroline Marly and Guy Troprès: clean lines sublimate the tulip-shaped concrete tanks... Result: two years of work for a masterful result.

The artiest

It was in the 1986th century that the Château d'Arsac was born. Philippe Raoux bought the estate in XNUMX and tackled the resolutely contemporary rehabilitation of the buildings. It is the architect Patrick Hernandez who signs for this contemporary art enthusiast a cellar with a blue Klein facade to blush with pleasure!

The most amazing

Behind the monumental building often nicknamed “The little Versailles of the Médoc”, discover the ultra-contemporary cellar with maritime influences of Château Beychevelle: a real gem of modernity that sheds light on the talent that the vineyard has for playing between classicism and modernity. .

And + if affinities

We feel conquered, so we continue with other superb addresses of "chais d'oeuvre", because, as you can imagine, the work between architects and castles is not limited to our little artistic appetizer: 

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