Ideas for cycling trips in Gironde

The Gironde Estuary by bike – from Royan to Bordeaux

Discover the Gironde estuary by bike, with this tailor-made route. Departing from Bordeaux or the Verdon (TER line 42 – Pointe de Grave) the route offers you breathtaking landscapes: cliffs, squares, ornithological park, Citadel of Blaye, vineyards…

Stages: Bordeaux – Le Verdon – Royan – Blaye – Lamarque – Bordeaux (varies by Bourg)
About 150 km – 3 days

Departure from Saint-Jean station in Bordeaux (line 42 also stops at the stations of Pessac, Mérignac-Arlac, Caudéran, Bruges, Blanquefort….). Embark with your bikes to the Verdon (about 2 hours of travel). At the Pointe de Grave your journey begins with a crossing with the ferry to Royan.
Our advice: Start with a first night in Soulac (8.7 km from Verdon) or Verdon and cross the Gironde estuary the next morning.

Bac au port du Verdon
Bac Le Verdon – Royan ©David Remazeilles (Gironde Tourism)

The route runs along the right bank of the Gironde estuary with breathtaking landscapes, Talmont sur Gironde, the most beautiful village in France, Mortagne-sur-Gironde, the cliffs and squares, so typical on the edges of the estuary. Then come the marshes and small atypical ports. Two Nature centers follow one another, Vitrezay and Terres d'Oiseaux, stopping places par excellence for lovers of fauna and flora.
Then the first vineyards appear and dominate the scenery up to the Citadel of Blaye.

Two possible options here, cross the estuary to Lamarque to discover the Médoc vineyards around Listrac, Moulis, Margaux and Arsac before returning to Bordeaux via Blanquefort and the lake. Or continue along the right bank by the famous Corniche road to Bourg, a picturesque and lively village. A return by train is possible from Saint André de Cubzac. Otherwise a last stage until the return to Bordeaux always by the right bank.

Want to push further?
These stages are part of 2 major routes, The Tour of Gironde by bike and  Canal of the 2 Seas by bike.

A short version ?
108 km – 2 days
Stages: Bordeaux – Lamarque – Blaye – Bourg – Bordeaux
Leave Bordeaux by bike towards Lamarque (48 km), crossing to Blaye, then return via Bourg and Saint André de Cubzac, then Bordeaux (62 km). At Saint André de Cubzac you can take the TER to Bordeaux.

Have a good trip ! #lagirondeavelo