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The Canal des 2 Mers by bike

Inaugurated in June 2015, the Canal des 2 Mers by bike® links the Atlantic to the Mediterranean over approximately 750 km and has become in just a few years one of the major long-distance routes for the “France by bike” destination. The majority of the route is carried out on greenways accessible to all and in particular to families, where gentle traffic is preferred. It allows in a very pleasant way and at your own pace, to discover or rediscover prestigious sites, but also to access more secret places, as preserved as they are picturesque.

The Canal des 2 Mers by bike in Gironde

In Gironde, the route covers around 200 km from Saint Ciers to La Réole. From Royan, you will follow the Gironde estuary (the largest estuary in Western Europe!) to Blaye, to take the ferry to Lamarque and thus reach Bordeaux via the Médoc vineyard. You can also choose to continue your route on the right bank of the estuary to Bourg, by the Route de la Corniche, one of the most beautiful roads in the Gironde. In Cubzac-les Ponts, the Eiffel Bridge allows you to cross the Dordogne to reach the Bordeaux-Métropole sector, a more urban route that takes you to Bordeaux city center.

After your visit to Bordeaux, cross the Garonne to reach the vineyards ofBetween two seas by the Roger Lapébie cycle path (the local child, winner of the Tour de France in 1937).
Remarkably laid out, with several reception points created in the old stations, this old railway line allows a gentle discovery of many bastides and abbeys (including Sauve-Majeure, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site).

From the bastide of Sauveterre-de-Guyenne, follow a small road to the Canal de Garonne near La Réole (town of Art and History). The greenway then runs along the Canal under a canopy of plane trees to Sète, via Toulouse and the Canal du Midi. You can also access the Canal des Deux Mers greenway via the Mios-Bazas greenway then the Bazas-Castillon-de-Castets cycle route.

For more info go to: www.canaldes2mers.com