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Eh yes. It's already almost there but don't panic, it's never too late to do the right thing. From organic skincare, with marine fragrance, from connected family portraits, to scented candles or braided horsehair, to revisited vintage jewellery, this small selection “100% made in our area” takes you on board to spoil the wisest of the world. 'year.

The pool every day

For: the Baba of Bassin or fans of Pilat, city dwellers, nostalgics, or the curious.
If you want to discover the virtues of eelgrass and dune everlasting, here is a range of cosmetics “made in the marine natural park” with 100% organic and eco-responsible formulas. The range is available in interior or exterior accessories and enthusiasts can only appreciate the Basin in all its forms. On the skin, with exfoliating treatments and marine oils, or around the neck, with pretty scarves or cotton stoles, wear the Bassin!

idée cadeau gironde
Arcachon foam

Hiiiii haaaaaaa

For: those who frequent the boxes, straight in their boots.
We show ourselves original, and even very original with horsehair jewellery, leather bracelets embellished with braided horsehair, horsehair rings set with silver metal or horsehair strap necklaces from which agate beads are suspended, quartz or amethyst. In short, if the horse is your passion, you will have it within arm's reach, neck or finger!

Lusitania e-Crin

Family portraits

For: those who like to personalize their gifts, and touch the heart
Take a budding artist (you, for example) and start making a family painting like no other. Don't panic, Les 3 Conils is a site that helps you, step by step, to create your most beautiful masterpiece. A pretty hat for mum, a stylish coat for Sacha, superb hair for Joséphine: here, you choose the look of the colorful characters that make up your family. But that's not all ! Multiple decors are available to you, with a thousand and one atmospheres of the Gironde.
You just have to be spoiled for choice, it's a luxury.
We tell you, more personalized, we don't.

idée cadeau gironde
The Factory of the 3 Conils

Pretty 100% organic complexion

For: those who take care of themselves naturally
Thyme, carrot, bay leaf, do you think of stew or blanquette-mash? Forget the kitchen, add lily, immortelle, peppermint, a few drops of essential oils: you will get the Onlyess skincare range AND a wonderful complexion. Aurélie, the founder, has bet on the authenticity of 100% natural, 100% organic skincare products, and we adhere 100%. We are also totally a fan of her delicious soap “Bulles de cannelé” with scents of oranges and cinnamon, it is so cute that we would eat it!
And for gifts, the “3 everyday gestures” boxes are to die for…

ONLYESS Burgundy

It must shine!

For: those looking for jewelry with that extra bit of soul, that indefinable charm
Laborantique is the treasure chest of unique and original jewelry. Want to know Hélène's secret? Entrust her with the cameo, the one that Aunt Monique gave you for your 20th birthday, associated with other elements, she will make the prettiest of necklaces. Old, broken, obsolete or forgotten jewellery, Hélène has no equal when it comes to unearthing the treasure hidden at the bottom of an old attic. His discerning eye knows how to recognize in the outdated charm, the little vintage wonder, which once dismantled, cleaned and pampered will transform, with a few pearls, into a single pair of earrings, which you will then be very proud to show to your cousin Chloe!

idée cadeau gironde

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