The canal villa circuit

Distance: 2,4 km
Duration: 1h
Difficulty : Easy
Departure: LACANAU
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The Centennial Fresco

When leaving the tourist office, head to the right. Stop on the side of the Escoure room to admire the painted fresco representing the arrival of the train in 1906. It was created by P. Hauselman in 2006 on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Lacanau Océan.

The Pierre Ortal alleys

Retrace your steps, pass in front of the office to continue straight on at the roundabout on Avenue de l'Europe. At the next roundabout, take the Allées Pierre Ortal in front of you. Towards the beginning of the alley, on your left, you will see Les Genêts (1905/1906) with its yellow woodwork. It is one of the oldest villas in the resort. Just after you can see the "Blue House", formerly villa Mar y sol, (1933).

The seafront and the heart of the resort

Continue to the ocean roundabout then take the seafront boulevard on the right. Very quickly you will see on the right the emblematic villa Les Mouettes, with its picturesque architectural elements: ocher and red brick, facades with corner chains... Go forward on the Boulevard to admire, at the very end, the admirably restored Yora villa and its roof bell-shaped. Retrace your steps slightly then turn left and take rue A. Lagueyte. On both sides you can admire typical Canaulais villas. At the roundabout, take the first street on your right: Avenue Pierre Lotie. At the corner of this avenue with avenue Jules Ferry is the villa M'Arena (1940) facing the ocean, the only building in the neo-Basque style in this district. Continue on avenue Jules Ferry, a little further the villa La Vague (1910) denotes with its pink color. It reflects the Belle Epoque style desired for the station by the founder Pierre Ortal and the architect Pierre Durand.

The villa Plaisance

At the next roundabout, take rue du Docteur Darrigan. Arrive at the end of the street, cross and observe the annex Town Hall in front of you, also called Villa Plaisance (1906). On the other side of the road is Stella (1906) with its belvedere. On your left you can see the square Pierre Ortal, founding father of Lacanau Océan, and just behind the villa Chambrelent (1920).

From the town hall annex to the Miramamr chalet

Now take rue Jacquemin Perpère directly on your right after the annex town hall. On your right is the Villa Chantecler (1915) and its surprising windows with their carved stone bands. On the right at n°12, notice the originality of this villa with the terracotta portraits of Tony and Ginette, the first two owners. Continue and pass in front of a small park, at the bottom the villa Ismée at number 20 of the street (1925). On the left, at the corner of rue A. Dumas, stands the Villa Monette (1910) on which you can admire the splendid stone marquetry monument. Turn around and, just opposite, the Miramar chalet takes place (1924), with its original and unique architecture.

From Ubu to Sweet Breeze

Follow the sign for “medical practice” continuing along rue J. Perpère. On your right, just after the cabinet, you can see the villa UBU (1907). Then turn right on rue Pierre Durand. A little further you come across one of the most beautiful models of neo-Basque style villas: Tirrita (1926) at number 21. Still on this road, further on your right, La Favorite (1933) awaits you. It is one of the most beautiful regionalist style villas in the Bassin d'Arcachon. Almost directly on your left, Sigurd (1916), a villa on which the names Nicole and Guy also appear, is the archetype of the villas of the end of the picturesque mixed with the regionalist Bassin d'Arcachon style. A little further on the right stands Douce Brise (1925) and its pretty openwork wooden frieze.

From Villa Jeanna to the Tourist Office

Head towards rue E. Faugère, opposite stands the imposing Villa Jeanna (1907). Going down rue E. Faugère to the left of Jeanna, you will see Villa Cerbère at n°18/20 (1907) on the left, the house of the caretakers of the "Château Faugère" at the time, completely renovated. Further down on the right, you meet Chantemer and Mimi Pinson (1908), whose portrait is sculpted, and her ceramic friezes. Did you find the scallop shell? Just after, admire and compare two villas from the early 1920s, in the Bassin d'Arcachon regionalist style: Thaïs and the villa les Genêts with its red and ocher brick wall. Continue on this street towards the office. Before returning to the tourist office, take a look at the back facade of the pleasure villa. Admire the tower on the north facade and the eastern architecture of this villa in the purest seaside style at the start of the XNUMXth century.

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