Pedestrian, mountain bike

Loop of Caudrot and Sainte Foy la Longue

Distance: 13,5 km
Duration: 3h
Difficulty : Easy
Elevation: 65 D +
Departure: CAUDROT
Around water (canal, stream, lake, marsh, ...)
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The start

Departure from the Place des Tilleuls. Before leaving on the path you can visit caudrot... Pass under the town entrance porch to the right of the café and straight ahead.

St. Christopher Church

At the very end of rue F. Masson, turn right then left towards the church.

Port Street

Behind the choir of the church, reach rue du Castéra which will take you after a small loop towards rue du Port

The Port

The old port of Caudrot is located in a bend in the river, go up the path to your left above the quays, then at street level turn left and right again rue Pierre Gemin.

Crossing the RD1113

Back on the departmental road to return to the hiking loop, walk along towards the square to the pedestrian crossing then cross towards Sainte-Foy La Longue

railway bridge

You leave the city and pass under the railway bridge, at its exit turn right on the path then straight on for 500 m.

Not St George

At the end of the road you find a road crossing near another bridge. Turn left towards the coast.

Place called Majoureau

After walking 1,5 km on the road you arrive at a crossroads, turn right then continue straight for 300m.

dirt road

Turn left into the path and straight ahead. Follow it for 1km to reach the D227

D227 towards Ste Foy La Longue

At the D227 opposite the crossing, turn right to reach Sainte-Foy La Longue.


At the crossroads, turn left towards the village then straight ahead towards St André du Bois for 500m.

Place called Charrier

Turn left towards Charrier then straight on for 1km.

Place called La Juncasse

Turn left at the T-junction and straight on for 700m

Back on the D227

You arrive at a previous crossing point, turn right on the D227 and follow it for 500m

Place called Le Branle

Leave the D227 and take the small road to the right after the houses. Continue for 1,5 km.

Forest - Locality La Moulette

Leave the small paved road to cross the wooded area on your left, the path winds uphill in the wood for 150m

Out of the forest

Coming out of the wood you pass a house and turn left on the tarmac road. Straight on for 300m.

Place called Parralot

Turn right, go 50m then turn left to reach the D227

D227 Place called Catouret

Cross the D227 and take the paved road in front of you. Direction Château Majoureau for 150m

Place called Jautan

Turn right towards Château Le Bert for 150m

Dirt road and woods

Leave the tarmac road in the bend to take the path on your right in the middle of the vineyards. Follow it through the woods to go down to the place called Pas Saint-Georges.

Place called Pas Saint-Georges

From this point turn right along the railway line, you take the route you followed on the outward journey to Caudrot

Points of interest

Embouchure du Dropt

Mouth of the Dropt

Pavés anciens sur le sentier de promenade en bord de Garonne

Old cobblestones on the walking path along the Garonne

Vallée de la Garonne, panorama depuis les hauteurs de Caudrot

Garonne valley, panorama from the heights of Caudrot

Linteau de porte

door lintel

Eglise Sainte-Foy à Sainte-Foy-la-Longue

Sainte-Foy church in Sainte-Foy-la-Longue

Route au milieu de la forêt

Road in the middle of the forest