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Scenic Corniche Road

Distance: 10 km
by car
Duration: 25
Difficulty : Easy
Departure: GAURIAC
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The town is home to the charming port of Roque de Thau, the starting point of the Route de la Corniche. It is here that you can hire a plaice and climb the wooden boom that juts out over the estuary.


On the pretty Route de la Corniche, Gauriac dominates the waters of the Gironde estuary. Don't miss the troglodyte habitats nestled in the hollow of the cliffs, the wreckage of boats and the picnic tables.

Bayon sur Gironde

It is besides in front of Bayon that the estuary created by the reunification of the Dordogne and the Garonne is born. The most remarkable cultural point of this peaceful village is undoubtedly its church, which has a long history. Don't miss its bell tower surmounted by a virgin. On my terrace at Château Eyquem, a panel explains the creation of the estuary and the tidal bore.

Pain de sucre

The corniche road continues and meanders between gardens with tropical species and Bourg stone houses which recall the historic past of the corniche road with its long-distance captains, its boatswains and its quarrymen.


The village of Bourg is an old medieval village whose upper town hosts the shops of artists and craftsmen and the lower town is occupied by the port and offers a magnificent view of the old ramparts.

Points of interest

Fenêtre sur l'estuaire Roque de Thau-Gauriac

Window on the Roque de Thau-Gauriac estuary

Fenetre sur l'estuaire Port de Bourg

Window on the Port de Bourg estuary

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Chateau Eyquem