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Discover the vineyard by electric bike

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Full of good resolutions, you may have already said to yourself that it would be a good thing to go cycling to discover places you don't know, especially the vineyard: the opportunity to see beautiful things while making a little sport. Then, after careful consideration, you came to the conclusion that it would be too tiring, especially taking the children with you.

Gironde Tourisme has the solution: the electrically assisted bicycle. A little skeptical at first, we tested for you and can assure you that the ease of use is surprising. The Bourg Tourist Office thus offers 10 electrically assisted bicycles for hire to discover the “little Gironde Switzerland”, between the Côtes de Bourg vineyards and the Gironde estuary. It's up to you to choose your itinerary in complete freedom! There is even the possibility of renting a trailer for the children. Same ease with rentals offered by the Pays Foyen Tourist Office : from the Bastide of Sainte-Foy-la-Grande to the vineyard, so many routes to follow at your convenience. So no more excuses, all in the saddle!

Bourg Tourist Office  – 05 57 68 31 76 – Place de la Liberation – 33710 Bourg

Pays Foyen Tourist Office – 05 57 46 03 00 – 102 Rue de la République – 33220 Sainte-Foy-la-Grande