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Dartagnans, a 2.0 heritage project

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Innovation at the service of culture for all: this is the agency's bet Dartagnans, which created the first crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to promoting and preserving heritage and culture in France.

Dartagnans' ambition is twofold: to help heritage and culture players find funding through sponsorship 2.0 and enable them to modernize by "bringing digital into history" via innovative services: community management, digitization of heritage in 3D, production of videos, websites and cultural events.

A Dartagnans project in Gironde: Medieval rock at the castles!

"Le Testament d'Aliénor, medieval rock" revisits the story of Aliénor of Aquitaine, his son Jean Sans Terre and Guillaume IX (the first troubadour in history) with a rock interpretation of medieval songs.
And to sublimate the castles, the organizers have chosen to innovate by using the technique of mapping to project videos and images on the walls, throughout the show.

The monuments invested by the show

Castle of the Black Prince (Lormont)

Château du Prince Noir - Lormont


Castle of Roquetaillade (Mazeres)

Château de Roquetaillade


Rauzan castle

Château de Rauzan


The two authors of the project "Le Testament d'Aliénor, medieval rock"

Cathy Bernard et Sandrine Biyi

Katy Bernard and Sandrine Biyi


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