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Stroll along the Entre-deux-Mers canal

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Setting off on the banks of the Garonne canal means taking a ticket for the green. To take advantage of the wonders of the Entre-deux-Mers and the Canal de Garonne, we opted for the Fontet loop: immediate departure!

Water green

The canal offers breathtaking landscapes. Which of the trees or their reflections will stand out the most? Over more than 193 km, the canal treats us. The edge, The 2 seas canal by bike sees lovers of walking, on foot, by bike, in strollers: everyone rushes there.

entre deux mers canal

Water mint green 

Stop and haven at the same time, Fontet and its leisure center offer rest and fun at the same time: a stopover with the children, so that everyone has time to jump while holding their noses, and a time to relax for the parents. In July-August, swimming is supervised, and you can even fish, in the shade of the trees, tasting the freshness of this natural moment, a lemonade in your hand.


On the heritage side, the loop is far from leaving us hungry. The Saint-Saturnin-de-Blaignac church reveals a Romanesque portal classified as a Historic Monument, while the Sainte-Croix church in Loupiac-de-la-Réole houses a bronze bell from 1731: impressive! The remains of the mills tell the agricultural past of the territory. Finally, the village of Le Hure offers a leap in time, with its houses erected on Gallo-Roman remains.

tobacco green 

Because yes, tobacco leaves are green. While walking in this corner of the Gironde, locate all the old tobacco dryers that you will come across on your way: you will see that there were a lot of them! Around the 20s, the intensification of tobacco production increased the construction of buildings which almost all resembled each other: large, elongated, contrasting with the natural green with the black of their building. 

Chartreuse green 

The Château de la Bastide, in Blaignac, is an essential stop on your walk. A look back in time is a must: Amboise de Gascq, lord of Blaignac, entered the Carthusian order in 1605 and bequeathed all his possessions to it. The old Bastide castle then became a charterhouse, built in the XNUMXth century, dedicated to Our Lady of Mercy. Moreover, the monument belonged to the monks until the French Revolution.

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