5 good reasons to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Gironde

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Last straight line before the big New Year's Eve party: the fridge is full to bursting, the children are overexcited, and you have been preparing your stomach for a few days to welcome foie gras and chestnuts, with a lot of broths and detox tea. Christmas is the end of good resolutions, the opportunity to have fun with the family, and you're right! You happen to be lucky: you live in Gironde! The kingdom of gourmets, the temple of gluttony. Without any chauvinism, in all impartiality, here are the 5 good reasons to think that it is in Gironde that New Year's Eve is the most successful...

All the star Christmas products are in Gironde (or not far).

Capon de Grignols on a bed of potatoes from Eysines, porcini mushrooms from Bordeaux, oysters from the Bassin, caviar from Gironde: the great classics of New Year's Eve are in Gironde, pampered by our producers. The guarantee of having only fresh, quality products at your table at Le 24... And in addition to living in a highly gastronomic department, we are also lucky to have charming neighbours: our friends from the Landes, who are not miserly to provide us with foie gras!

We personally know the winemaker who makes this delicious Sauternes.

The sweetness of New Year's Eve, that first sip of Sauternes that sublimates cheeses and foie gras...that shimmering sunny bottle of honey and gold tones, which the greediest will drink from the moment of the aperitif... Well in Gironde, we are lucky to be able to get our divine nectar directly from the Sauternes winegrowers. Each bottle of wine that we open has its own story to tell: by going to meet the terroirs and the craftsmen who shape it, you will be able to tell this story yourself when you remove the cork!
(To consume with moderation)

Because mulled wine is good, but mulled Vin-de-Bordeaux is better!

With our Spanish friend "moderation" of course... Well, we're not going to play the chauvinists, but it must be recognized that when it comes to wines, if all tastes are in nature and if we ourselves do not sulk our Burgundian friends or Italian, Bordeaux is full of excellent, world-renowned nectars of all types (red, white, sweet, crémant, etc.), for all budgets.

Because in Gironde, Santa Claus travels by paddle, surfboard, barge, sailboat and cruise ship...

And suddenly, you can eat in peace: you are sure that it will arrive at its destination! The Gironde is the water department: Arcachon bay, rivers, estuary, lakes, ocean…Santa Claus' sleigh is amphibious, so many access points to your chimney if the roads are ever jammed!
NB: we don't forget to place a small canelé at the foot of the tree so that Santa Claus regains strength when he leaves 😉

Because after a hearty meal, nothing beats iodine from the Bassin d'Arcachon or the Médoc coast to digest!

There are digestive walks and THE digestive walk: snuggled up in your down jacket, snug under your scarf, a big bowl of iodized air at Cap Ferret or at Lacanau is the guarantee for the whole family to escape liver attack! A walk on the beach after Christmas, for the Girondins who will welcome their families "from the land" during this New Year's Eve, it always has its little effect...

It is therefore undeniable: in Gironde, we have every reason to spend a top New Year's Eve! Fresh and quality products, good wine, a magical landscape... what more could you ask for?

But come to think of it, wherever you are, in Gironde as elsewhere, the end-of-year celebrations are above all an opportunity to get together with loved ones. To have a thought for those we love. To refocus on the essentials: family, friends, others.

In Gironde, but after all everywhere in the world, the best Christmas table will therefore be yours, the one where the magic of the holidays will unite laughter and hearts.
The Gironde Tourisme team wishes you all a very happy holiday season!