Here are the top 5 activities to do with the family around Bordeaux and Gironde, during the All Saints holidays. It's up to you to find ideas for walks, unusual visits, Halloween activities, frenzied treasure hunts...

1. We push the door of the castles

And if we take advantage of the holidays to discover a castle? The Gironde is full of them. We give you some ideas here. 

  • In his magnificent residence, the Duke of Épernon patiently waits for the curious little ones. He often strolls through the rooms of the castle, and admires the exhibition “Fantaisie pour un palais”. But what he loves above all is receiving you! the Cadillac Ducal Castle under the orders of the duke, put the small dishes in the big ones and reserved for you animations with small onions.
    - Thursday 27/10 at 15 p.m. : treasure hunt and viewing of the film The Pharaoh, the Savage and the Princess of M. at Cinema Lux. From 6 years old. Prices: 9€ | 5€ (-26 years old)
    - Friday 28/10 at 15 p.m. : multisensory visit to discover the abbey and the daily life of its former inhabitants. From 3 years old. Prices: €8 | 4 € (-26 years old)
    - Wednesday 2/11 at 14:30 p.m. : tapestry workshop “from yarn to work”. From 7 years old. Prices: €8 | 4 € (-26 years old)
    - Friday 4/11 at 15 p.m. : theatrical visit with the one and only Duke of Épernon, stories and fun guaranteed! From 7 years old. Prices: 8€ | 4€ (- 26 years old)
activités vacances de la toussaint en gironde
  • The Bordeaux vineyard appeals to adults, but what about children? Well, with the LegOeno workshop, everyone is won over. While the parents visit the vineyard, the children take their places under the yurt to rebuild the castle. A beautiful morning in perspective. 
    LegOeno workshop at Château Boutinet, 
    Tuesday, October 25 at 11 a.m. 
  • At Château Citran, there is a very special atmosphere, tales come to life. In a unique show, Alice takes you on an enchanted parenthesis in the heart of the estate. You can also come and celebrate Halloween at the castle. This year, we offer you animations around the spider to overcome your fears.
    Les Secrets of Citran – Children, Wednesday 26/10, Saturday 29/10 and Wednesday 02/11 at 10 a.m. or 30 p.m.
    Conté Trail – Small Autumn Provisions, Thursday 27/10, Saturday 29/10, Thursday 03/11 and Saturday 05/11 at 10 a.m. or 15 p.m.
    Halloween: Not even scared! Friday 28/10, Sunday 30/10, Friday 04/11 and Sunday 06/11 at 10 a.m. or 30 p.m.

2. On All Saints Day, we celebrate Halloween 

On the occasion of Halloween, we dress up, we go on a candy hunt… But above all, we scare each other! 

activités vacances de la toussaint en gironde

And nothing like a weekend of horror at Castle of Vayres to get in the mood. Equestrian and medieval shows, disguises, Halloween make-up… are on the programme.
Saturday 29 and Sunday 30/10 from 13 p.m. to 19 p.m.
And for aficionados witch afternoons are back on October 25-26-27-28-31 and November 2-3-4 at 14 p.m.

Le Villandraut Castle also celebrates Halloween as it should be!
– Tales and horror stories evening by the fireside, Friday 28/10 at 13 p.m. (free)
– Creation day: lanterns, candy baskets, decorations… Saturday 29/10 from 10 am.
– Treasure hunt, Monday 31/10
– Mini-games day with costume contest, Wednesday 02/11 from 10:30 a.m.
More informations.

Autumn is the season when children like to immerse themselves in the world of tales and legends. Land of Birds offers you a series of amazing activities.
– Halloween show, Wednesday 26/10 at 16 p.m. €5/child. From 4 years old. Reservation on 05 57 32 88 80.
– The Great Halloween Game, Thursday 27 and Friday 28/10 at 14 p.m. €30/child. Reservation on 5 05 57 32 88.

3. We put our little hands to work: 

There are plenty of opportunities to create as a gift or to indulge yourself at the end of the year. Trust yourself and let your creativity speak. 

activités vacances de la toussaint en gironde

Because winter is sometimes harsh, learn how to build a bird feeder for our dear feathered friends.
Thursday 03/11, at 15 p.m. à Terres d'Oiseaux. €10/child accompanied by a parent. From 5 years old. By reservation on 05 57 32 88 80.

As Christmas approaches, come and make your own
own Christmas decoration by giving free rein to your imagination!
Wednesday 23/11 and Wednesday 07/12 at 15 p.m. in Terres d'Oiseaux. €10/child accompanied by a parent. From 4 years old. By reservation on 05 57 32 88 80 

Observe, touch, scratch, and above all ask questions to better enjoy the forest. In the Geological Nature Reserve of Saucats, with your guide, the unusual outing is assured. Curious little ones can also go back in time and get a closer look at the fauna that existed 20 million years ago.
“What do the fossils tell us?” Tuesday 25, Thursday 27/10 and Thursday 03/11.
“Art and nature”, Friday 04/11, at 14 p.m. 

4. We enjoy the great outdoors in family

The weather is cooling… Not even afraid! Hat on the head and scarf around the neck, we savor, without depriving ourselves, the nature outings that the Gironde offers us. Forests, beaches, rivers, lakes, the landscapes are multiple and the possibilities endless.

activités vacances de la toussaint en gironde

THELa Sauve-Majeure abbey, is a fascinating open-air place of history. Little budding knights will be warmly welcomed there.
Tuesday 25/10 at 15 p.m.: multi-sensory visit to discover the abbey and the daily life of its former inhabitants. From 3 years old. Prices: €8 | 4 € (-26 years old)
Sunday 30/10 at 15 p.m.: guided tour (and in costume!), with the Chevalier Enguerrand, for a timeless discovery. From 6 years old. Prices: €8 | 4 € (-26 years old)
Friday 4/11 at 15 p.m.: treasure hunt, solve an 800-year-old investigation: that of a missing pilgrim and his treasure... From 6 years old. Prices: €8 | €4 (-26 years old).

Equipped with a map and guides, like explorers, follow in the footsteps of Léon le Gardon and help him find his companions. Open your eyes and ears wide… From 8 years old
Workshop for curious little ones "Investigation on the pond"
Friday 04/11 at 10 a.m.

The Bassin d'Arcachon is a real playground for children.
- The forest in all directions in Arès, Thursday 27/10 at 10:30 a.m.
– On the city side, discover Arcachon with the puzzle book for the whole family
- Basin who are you? in Lanton, Monday 31/10 at 14 p.m.
- The treasures of the beach at low tide in Andernos, Tuesday 01/11 at 15 p.m.

After your visit to Land of Birds, get together with your family around an animated film.
Friday 02/11 at 15 a.m. 

5. Parents, children…all at the museum! 

Rainy weather on the horizon? The exit is all found: direction the museums. 

  • At Cap Sciences, two exhibitions await you.
    24 hours in the life of a woman, invites you to discover the daily life of a woman in 6 different countries.
    & Gladiator, to understand the stakes of such a special status in Roman society.
  • Do you know the one that is nicknamed the pearl of the Basin? To discover all the mysteries of the oyster, go to Andernos. Its history, its particularities, its life cycle: you will know everything! 
    Guided tour of the small oyster museum. 
    Thursday 22 and 29 October at 10:30 a.m. 
Halloween holiday activities

Bonus: The family of Terra Aventura expands with 2 new caches in Gironde: La Brède on the theme of Montesquieu and Sadirac on the gatehouse.

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