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The fisherman from Bordeaux

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Jean-Marie is a fisherman.
If you are looking for it, do not go to the Bassin d'Arcachon.
You won't find it either on the Médoc lakes or in the open ocean.
His own spot is at the foot of the Cité du Vin in Bordeaux.

Moored at the Cité pontoon, his boat The Tontons gunslingers », looks great!
Every day, he crosses the Garonne for our greatest pleasure. A true enthusiast, he delights the taste buds and pupils.

A fan of nature, he is one of the last 30 professional freshwater fishermen in Gironde. With him, the fauna, flora, fishing methods or even the history of the Estuary and the squares will have no more secrets for you. Whether you opt for Breakfast in the Garonne, The fisherman's walk, or Sunset, we guarantee you a unique moment.
Between the new points of view on Bordeaux, the raising of the traps, and the meetings... the walk turns out to be exotic and enriching at will.

When he is not sharing his passion and his profession with the curious, he lifts the nets of his plaice (those strange huts with entwined legs that line the Estuary). The product of its fishing is offered to professionals and individuals alike.
If you want to treat yourself, go every day to the Cité du Vin pontoon. In terms of freshness of the products, we can hardly do better.
For those who prefer to slide their feet directly under the table, know that you can find Jean-Marie's peach at the restaurant Le Prince Noir, at La Tupina or at Julien Cruège.

2-hour walk, 6 people max
6 days/week
Departure from the City of Wine
15 € / person

Strolls/discovery on the river, nature and biodiversity side with aperitif or fisherman's breakfast
12 people max 1H30
Departure from the City of Wine

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