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To discover Bordeaux station in a new light, or rather a new night, meet from October 15 to 19 from 21 p.m. to 1 a.m. Does it intrigue you? We tell you more.


Around 21 p.m., after the arrival of the last train at the station, the atmosphere changes, everything becomes more intimate, more mysterious. Gare Saint-Jean, with its glass roof and its many corners, becomes the playground for a life-size escape game. The “Legend of the Cine Express” comes to life with the arrival of the 15 actors.

Your challenge: come to the aid of Professor Seguiniac and save the world (just that!). You have 60 minutes (and not one more, be careful) to discover where the professor's secret formula is hidden before Doctor Machiavélyx gets his hands on it and turns the station into a terrifying nightmare.

To participate, form your team (from 2 to 8 players) and choose the date and time of your trip. With family, friends, colleagues, we are waiting for you.

Price: from €22 per person
(part of the profits will be dedicated to the renovation of the 75m² wall map located in Hall 1. It has also been listed as a historical monument since 1984.)

To reserve your seats go to: