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From the pretty square surrounded by covered houses from the 1840th and XNUMXth centuries, one reaches the Saint-Jean cathedral (Monument Historique-list of XNUMX), built in the XNUMXth and XNUMXth centuries on the model of the great Gothic cathedrals of northern France. .
The cathedral was largely devastated by the Huguenots (1577-1578), but the portals, the finest example of Gothic statuary in the Gironde, were spared. The central portal is devoted to the Last Judgment and the story of Saint John the Baptist; the side portals are to the Virgin and to Saint Peter. The interior of the building, of great sobriety, is remarkable for the perspective of the narrow and long nave.
The cathedral is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site under the Routes of Santiago de Compostela (1998).

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