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Terra Aventura

How to discover the heritage of a territory, its history, its nature, its know-how, while having fun? The answer… Terra Aventura !

Tèrra Aventura, a life-size treasure hunt

This 100% free application, made in Nouvelle-Aquitaine, opens the doors to a huge treasure hunt. Enigmas and frenzied races are yours! To join the dance, all you have to do is download the geocaching application and choose your route according to the theme, the duration or simply the place you want to discover. There are more than 400 courses in New Aquitaine!
Go here to download the application on Google Play and the app store.


Loot to flush out

Over the puzzles, you collect numbers that form, in due time, the coordinates of the treasure. But, what is there to gain? Poï'z! These small characters with assertive characters and wacky stories are to be collected in the form of badges. Zouch, Zaméla, Zisséo, Zéroik… there are 35 of them and accompany you throughout your walk.
Bonuses for your collection, Zecolo encourages eco-responsible adventurers. If you come across waste on your way, put it in a bin, take a picture of this eco-citizen gesture and voila! By presenting the photograph in a partner tourist office, this new badge will be given to you as a reward.

Map of Tèrra Aventura routes in Gironde


40 results

40 results)

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