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Did you know ? The Gironde is THE cradle of naturism in France, and that's an info!

If on most beaches the swimsuit is essential, on others it is the opposite. It was in the 20th century that the word “naturism” was used for the first time, but it was not until the 1949s that naturism took off, strongly recommended by many doctors. Naturism was born in Gironde with the Center Hélio-Marin de Montalivet, the oldest naturist holiday center in France, created in XNUMX: it must be said that the setting was particularly favorable, along the Atlantic Coast. Even today, the area provides access to two kilometers of fine sandy nudist beach, just that! 

For the record, this center will be the very first naturist center in Europe, and yes we are not kidding. Under Léo Lagrange, the movement was recognized and then structured via a national federation, then an international one. The rest you know, this fashion has since been widely democratized to the delight of lovers of holidays, in the open air.

naturisme en Gironde

A top 3 naturist spots in Gironde, anyone?

  1. Dpée Beach, Le Gurp 
    Direction the Plage du Gurp not far from Soulac, then head south for a short walk of about 2 kms towards the south before falling on the Plage Dépée. A pretty beach supervised in season, and that's good!
  2. Euronat in Grayan-et-l'Hôpital 
    In the Médoc, the naturist centers are real little villages, surrounded by nature. Another jewel that extends over more than 335 hectares of pine forest. The ideal place for holidays, with family or friends, taking advantage in particular of a 25-meter swimming pool, covered and heated. Not far from there, the town of Montalivet will also make you happy if you want to do without a sarong!
  3.  The Jenny at Porge
    Between the Arcachon bay and Lacanau, heading for a village of 750 chalets near the ocean. An originality? The area has the only naturist golf course in the world, enough to try the ball in complete freedom!

You will have understood: in the sun, on the sand or on the pebbles, all naked and all tanned, we take the time to dream, and then it is still more pleasant to bathe 😉