The Gironde has no less than 100 fishing sites.
The great lakes of Carcans-Hourtin, Lacanau or Cazaux-Sanguinet are among the most beautiful spots in France. 
Fishing has always been an essential universal hobby. Unifying, intergenerational, it brings young and old together in nature. With more1,5 million fishermen in France, this makes it the second most practiced hobby! So take advantage of an original activity and a moment of relaxation at the water's edge in town or in the countryside.

All year the Gironde Fishing Federation – AAPPMA, offers discovery courses and initiations not only to adults but also to children. You can also take advantage of tutorials to get started.

An event not to be missed?

THEpredator opening is a major fishing event in Gironde which attracts many visitors every year: it takes place on the last Saturday in April. It concerns 3 species of fish: pike, zander, perch.

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