Above, it's good but below, it's surprising! Did you know that the Gironde is full of underground passages, each as surprising as the next. Here is our underground selection, without fear and without light guaranteed. A few glimmers here and there still sublimate the atmosphere: it's like walking behind Indiana Jones and her intrigued but reassuring eye at the same time. Finally, we would really like him to be there, what...

souls of explorers 

The cave of Pair-non-pair

Dear visitor, walking along a large rock wall, you enter the cave of Pair-non-Pair, now listed as a Historic Monument. This well-hidden entrance was discovered by chance: moreover, according to the legend, it would be the fall of a cow that would have prompted an archaeologist living in the area to search longer... So listen to his story ⬇

Once inside, a rectilinear corridor of about fifteen meters is offered to you: yes, it is dark, but do not be afraid, the cave has not been inhabited for a long time. More specifically, the drawings that adorn its walls date back to 32 years before our era. Finally, the perspective is not so rectilinear as that: would there be a secret room? Grab your hat and your best shirt, and solve the puzzle. 

The cave of Pair-non-pair
Cave of Pair-non-Pair, Path of Pair Non-Pair 
33710 Prignac-et-Marcamps

adventurous spirits 

Blaye Citadel Unesco

Blaye Citadel Unesco, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is full of stories and adventures: so grab a torch, it will put you in the mood before exploring the underground. This is not really a "visit" in the classic sense of the term: it is rather an expedition to passages and rooms, more or less large, to discover the defense system put in place by the famous architect Sébastien Vauban. . You won't have anything to defend, don't worry, relax… Watch out, there, behind! No, it was to test you. 

Once in the undergrounds, the result of a titanic work is offered to you: large and beautiful stone arches, vaulted roofs all built or dug at the end of the XNUMXth century. Some passages are narrow and rather dark, and contribute to this atmosphere that you only feel underground. In addition, now that you learn how these undergrounds were built, and that the objective was to make it difficult or even impossible for enemies to advance with a curved layout, entrances at right angles, you almost believe it. All this would almost form a giant labyrinth under the citadel: it's crazy, they had thought of everything!

The underground passages of Blaye
Blaye Citadel Unesco,

33390 Blaye

The heritage of the hermitage 

The underground passages of Saint-Emilion

In Saint-Emilion, the underside is as vast to discover as the top. Once through the door and a staircase, my faith narrow, downhill, the Hermitage of Saint-Emilion, place of miracles and legends, appears. The central point is the spring that flows underground: at the heart of many legends, it was said to have the power to cure illnesses or find true love, among other things. 

Nearby, another underground passage, another point of view: the Trinity chapel is revealed there, with its most beautiful paintings, beautifully preserved. Take the time for a “wow” and head to the next stop: the catacombs, dug after Emilion's death. To amaze you even more, discover the largest medieval underground church in Europe.

The underground passages of Saint-Emilion
Greater Saint-Émilion Tourist Office
Place des Créneaux 33000 Saint-Émilion

And for more privacy, come unravel the mystery of the caves of Ferrand laid out in the XNUMXth century by Élie de Bétoulaud, lawyer and poet in Saint-Hippolyte. A veritable labyrinth made up of a set of rooms all dug into the rock, they were decorated with vegetation, but also with sculptures (busts of gods), furniture and rare shells. An unknown site, but steeped in history.

The Caves of Ferrand
33330 Saint Emilion

The return of the mummy 

The crypt of Saint-Seurin

Visit the crypt of Saint-Seurin, is to discover behind the scenes of a well-known heritage, in the heart of Bordeaux. The interior of this monument is full of legends but also unresolved enigmas. Weave between the pillars of the crypt, which support beautiful and large arches. There, waiting for you, in the most complete silence, sarcophagi decorated with details and engravings. Moreover, you can find there the tomb of Saint Martial, patron saint of Aquitaine. His legendary stick was rain or shine: luck!

Hidden in an alcove, the sarcophagus of Saint-Fort in rough stone, more imposing than the others, is revealed between shadow and light. For the little anecdote, the women put their children there to make them more seasoned. Hey, in your opinion, is the body of Saint Seurin resting in the crypt? It's up to you to solve the riddle...

The crypt of Saint-Seurin
Square of the Martyrs of the Resistance,
33000 Bordeaux

Oysters in Entre-deux-Mers? 

Cave of fossil oysters in Sainte-Croix-du-Mont

Gourmets, go your way, here it is the archeology enthusiasts who are in for a treat! Indeed, the cave of Sainte-Croix-du-Mont offers oysters on a platter dating back 22 million years, when it comes to freshness, it's limited...
Although! These extraordinary caves today contain treasures that your taste buds may well appreciate. Indeed, they are used for the conservation of the famous sweet white wine of the region. A tasting is possible in summer, enough to make everyone agree. 

Fossil Oyster Cave
33410 Sainte-Croix-du-Mont

Apprentice “caving”

The Celestine Cave in Rauzan

Put on your caving equipment (helmet, boots and headlamp!) and set off for a 45-minute walk in an exceptional natural setting: the bed of the only underground river in Gironde. In front of you, stalagmites, stalactites, gours follow one another… Guaranteed wonder. Attention apprentices “caving”, the ambient temperature is 14° in all seasons!

Fun fact: discovered by chance in 1845, it can be visited since 2002. Its name “Célestine” is a tribute to its owner from Rauzan, who at the beginning allowed visitors to pass through her room (only access) to reach the underground cavity.

The Celestine Grotto 
Celestine Cave
8 Lansade Street
33420 Rauzan

Hallway noises 

Grotto of Queen Margot

After visiting the Royal Castle of Cazeneuve, immerse yourself a little more in history by walking in the footsteps of Queen Margot along the banks of the Ciron to her famous cave. According to some, this is where she used to meet her lovers, away from prying eyes. Legend or real scoop people, the mystery remains intact...

Grotto of Queen Margot
Royal Castle of Cazeneuve
33730 Prechac