Loop of the Three Parishes

Distance: 11,4 km
Duration: 3 p.m.
Difficulty : Very easy
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Discover the town of Jau Dignac and Loirac, a former island in the Gironde estuary.
Thanks to this circuit, cross the three ancient and typical parishes of Jau, Dignac and Loirac, passing through the meadows, the gravelly hillock and the forest.
Varied landscapes accompany you throughout the course and you will appreciate the calm that reigns in this town.
No difficulty, no elevation.

Your itinerary


From the car park to the old wash house

From the church square car park, take the rue de la mairie to the east, at the end turn right. Pass in front of the municipal stadium then cross the road, pass in front of the Mouret fountain (basin - old washhouse), go around the vineyard on the right and follow the path along the ditch.

From the old washhouse in Boussan

Go around the vine to the right and follow the path. Arrived at the paved road, turn left on the Chemin de Bellot. Cross the hamlet of Boussan by the washhouse path (covered).

From Boussan to Château Saint Aubin

At the cross of Boussan, continue straight ahead, turn left at the end of the path after the castle of Segue Longue Monnier then go around the castle Saint-Aubin on the left.

From Dignac to Jau

Cross the village of Dignac bypassing the square of the old church-cemetery then turn left on the Chemin du Perey. Follow the road that crosses near Semensan then at the end take the chemin de la Brasserie to the left towards the village of Jau. Walk along the square of the old church-cemetery (cross).

From Jau to Loirac

Cross the D103, take the chemin du Broustera opposite (direction Noaillac-Broustera). At the fork take the left branch. Cross the D103E1, continue opposite then turn left on Chemin de Laulan. Follow the road straight ahead then walk along the Château Loirac with its dovecote in the heart of the vineyards. At the next stop sign, turn right towards Jau-Dignac-et-Loirac then cross the village of Loirac (place of the old church-cemetery, cross). Follow the D103E3 until you pass the stadium again, then take the path to the town hall on your left to return to the church car park.

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