Walking, Cycling

Loop of the medieval city of Saint-Macaire

Distance: 3,7 km
Strolling along
Duration: 45 mn
Difficulty : Very easy
Around water (canal, stream, lake, marsh, ...)
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Discover the medieval town of Saint-Macaire on the banks of the Garonne and its magnificent heritage from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance: the Saint-Sauveur church and its XNUMXth century murals, the priory, the Mercadiou, the ramparts, the gates of pregnant, etc.
Take your time to stroll along the alleys, at the bottom of the ramparts and along the river.

Your itinerary


Remparts car park

Start at the foot of the city walls. Go back to the paved road and take a left towards the old port

The old port of Saint-Macaire

From the port take the path leading, in the bend, to the road, near the fisherman's hut

Path of the Palus

Walk for 700 m along the Garonne, then turn left to take another path that returns to Saint-Macaire

Tivoli road crossing

At the intersection of the paved road, go straight ahead towards the old fortified gate of Thuron

Thuron Gate

Go through the double doors and take the first left. Go up the rue du Port Nava

Towards Mercadiou

At the top of Rue du Port Nava, a little before the street corner, take the small path to the right overlooking the gardens, then at the end turn left to arrive at Mercadiou

Mercadiou Square

Admire the layout of the facades, then go up the square to come out on rue Carnot where you will turn left

Place Chateaudun

At the end of rue Carnot, you will see the Fortified House of Tardes on your left. Continue to the right to reach the apse of the church

Saint-Sauveur Church and Priory

Go around the apse of the church on the left, to pass in front of the remains of the Priory and access the porch of the church

Church Street

From the church, take rue de l'Eglise towards the center of the village and the fortified gate of Benauge.

Benauge Gate

Go through the gate and walk along the Cours de la République on your left to Place Tourny

Place Tourny

Pass between the Gendarmerie and the kiosk then take the second street on your left, rue des Remparts

Rue des Remparts

On the left of the street you can see the remains of ramparts, take the first right, rue Carreyrote

Messidan Square

Rue Carreyrote, go 20 m then immediately to your left, cross diagonally the space of the place Messidan

Postern Horn

Cross rue Amiral Courbet to pass under the postern facing you, then at the bottom of the street, turn left

Return to the foot of the ramparts

Finish by walking along the bottom of the ramparts on your left, to reach your starting point

Points of interest

Cité médiévale de Saint-Macaire

Medieval town of Saint-Macaire