Bike loop: Tour of the Greater Saint-Emilionnais

Distance: 46 km
by bike
Duration: 4:00
Difficulty : Average
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This 46 km loop is intended for hikers wishing to discover the vineyards and heritage of Saint-Emilion over 1 or 2 days.
The first part, to the south near Sainte-Terre, is easy and offers beautiful views of the Dordogne. At St Pey-d'Armens, you can reach Saint-Emilion via Saint-Hippolyte and Saint-Laurent-des-Combes (1 km loop).
The 2nd part, to the north towards Montagne, is more hilly (long climb at 10% from the Château de Pressac). It offers views of the vineyards and monuments to discover.

Your itinerary


Departure from Saint-Emilion

Go past the Maison du Vin and the church gate, turn left and walk along the moat. Follow this small road surrounded by walls which winds through the vines.

Step 2

At the stop sign, turn left towards Libourne. At the bottom of this descent, turn right and take the 1st left.

Step 3

After the railway line, be careful and cross the D 670 opposite in the direction of St Sulpice. At the crossroads at the entrance to St Sulpice, take a slight left.

Step 4

At the crossroads, take rue de la Dordogne opposite, along the garage. At Pas de l'Âne, the road branches off to the right.

Step 5

Continue following this same road which branches off to the left. At the intersection, turn right. Reach the bank of the Dordogne.

Step 6

Follow the Dordogne for 2 km to Branne. Pass under the Branne bridge and take the 1st left.

Step 7

Be careful, you arrive on the D 936. Turn left to cross the bridge. After the bridge, take the road to Cabara on the left and pass in front of the Branne Tourist Office.

Step 8

Exit Branne and keep to the right, the road is quite busy. At the crossroads, be careful and turn left towards Cabara.

Step 9

Leave the village and join the D 18. Be careful by taking the D 18 on your left and join St Jean-de-Blaignac.

Step 10

Pass in front of the Chai de Chaulne factory on your left, and continue straight at the intersection indicating Rauzan on the right. At the crossroads, take the direction of the village of St Jean on the left.

Step 11

Pass in front of the Auberge St Jean and cross the bridge. In Lavagnac, turn right towards Sainte-Terre. Go along the Dordogne.

Step 12

At the crossroads, turn right towards the village. Pass in front of the church and on leaving the village, take a slight right on rue du Parlement (circuit des condamines).

Step 13

Go along the Dordogne and after the hamlet, turn left. After the hamlet, take the road to the left.

Step 14

At the intersection, turn left and follow the road for 1 km. Cross the D 123 and continue straight for 2 km.

Step 15

Be careful, you must cross the D 936. Continue straight for 500 meters. At the intersection turn right, then after a place called Gros turn right again towards St Etienne-de-Lisse.

Step 16

At the crow's feet, take the road to the left. Then cross the railway line. At the crossroads, go straight in the direction of Châteaux de Pressac and Mangot.

Step 17

Turn left towards Château de Pressac. Courage, the climb is long and difficult up to Pressac! At the crossroads, cross the road and go down.

Step 18

At the crow's feet, turn left then the 1st right before the hamlet Les Lesques. At the crossroads, turn right, then the next left and cross the La Barbanne stream.

Step 19

At the intersection, turn right and continue for 1,5 km. After passing the Château des Laurets, turn left.

Step 20

At the intersection, take the D 130 to the left then turn immediately to the right. Cross the place called Le Chai to the right and continue down this road.

Step 21

At the intersection, take the road to the left. Take the road on the right and continue straight for 1,5 km.

Step 22

At the crossroads after the place called Arvouet, continue straight on for 1 kilometer. Be careful, you arrive on the D 244. Turn left towards the village of Montagne.

Step 23

At Montagne, continue straight ahead or visit the various sites in the village. Pass the wine house on your right, and get off the bike to take the forbidden direction opposite.

Step 24

Facing the church of Saint-Georges, take the road to the left. In front of the gate of Château Saint-Georges, continue on the left or get off your bike to discover the property.

Step 25

Keep going straight down. Cross the Barbanne stream. After the pumping station, take the direction of Château Champion on the right.

Step 26

After Château Champion, go to the crossroads and turn left. Join the D243 (watch out for traffic) and take the climb to the right.

Arrival in Saint-Emilion

At the top of the hill, continue straight until the village, or turn right to see the Château Soutard. At the St-Emilion roundabout, take a slight left to reach the Tourist Office.

Points of interest