Roller ride: Bois de Laburthe

Distance: 3,2 km
Duration: 45 mn
Difficulty : Very easy
with wheels
Duration: 55 mn
Difficulty : Easy-to-use
Elevation: 20 D +
Departure: GRADIGNAN
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This large 43ha park has been completely redeveloped. Take the opportunity to walk there with your family. It is made up of many tree species (pines, oaks, alders, etc.). Listen carefully, open your eyes and look for tracks: many birds and small mammals come to drink in the ponds.

The Balades à Roulettes® (BR®) are short, quiet walks, with a stroller or a small bicycle, or adapted for people with reduced mobility (in a wheelchair), offered by the French Hiking Federation of the Gironde.

Your itinerary



Departure rue de Naudet (Gradignan) at the arrowhead of the GR Bordeaux Métropole. Follow the red and white markings on the path at the edge of a residence. At the 1st bend, follow the markings on your left. You arrive at a crossroads (T-shape), turn left and follow the markings along a chain-link fence. The path widens. Continue always following the red and white markings of the GR in undergrowth of pines, chestnuts, oaks. At the next crossing (marked by two continuity beacons on each side of the path), continue straight ahead, leaving the path on your right. At this intersection, see beacon on your left, follow the beaconing, leave the path on your right. The path leads to a crossroads on a wide alley (> 3m); turn right and follow the GR markings. At the GR Bordeaux Métropole continuity beacon, continue on the path in front of you (leave the paths on your right and left), you leave the main driveway and continue on a small path. At the GR continuity beacon, you can see houses through the vegetation. Leave the path on your left and continue on the marked path (narrow path).


Arrived at the GR beacon (turn left), you abandon this markup and you take the path to your right (be careful more markup), narrower path; you arrive at a crossroads (in the shape of a T), turn left. At the next crossroads turn left. You arrive at a crossroads, turn left on the GR, which you left earlier. Follow the signs again on the driveway. Be careful you leave the driveway, take the marked path on your left (GR marker on the path on your left); continue on this path that you took on the outward journey, following the white and red markings. Leave the path in front of you and go to your right. Take the path to your left, no more markings, a narrower path that winds through undergrowth (pines, chestnut trees, oaks, arbutus, holly, etc.). You arrive at a crossroads, turn right on a wider path, no markings. You arrive at a crossroads with an alley that you take to your right, no markings, continue on this alley until the next crossroads where you will find the GR markings. Turn left on the GR which you will follow to the starting point, rue de Naudet.