Loop of Goulée

Distance: 6,1 km
Duration: 1h
Difficulty : Very easy
Departure: VALEYRAC
Around water (canal, stream, lake, marsh, ...)
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Departing from Goulée or the town centre, a stroll in an environment of calm and relaxation awaits you.
You will discover the two facets of Valeyrac: The estuary and the vineyard.
At the bend in the path, take a good look, you may be able to see the
Green Lizard (Lacerta Viridis) basking in the sun or European Pond Terrapin (Emis Orbicularis)…

A hiking loop, easy to do with the family to discover the town of Valeyrac, its landscapes and its typical port along the Gironde estuary: the port of Goulée.
Possibility to picnic and eat on site.

No difficulty, no elevation.

Your itinerary


Departure and church

In downtown Valeyrac, discover this beautiful church on the square, then take rue du 19 mars 1962.

The old communal well

On the right, you will discover the old restored communal well and pretty stone houses. Continue to the crossroads, then left along the cemetery.

Along the vines

After the stop sign, go straight along the Castillon road and watch out for cars. After a few meters, you arrive at the Cantelaude crossing. Continue straight along the road and turn left, route de Sipian. Walk along the vines (3) and cross the place called Les Acacias.

The forest

At the yellow beacon, use the forest path on your right (refer to the map to go to the forest part). You change scenery. Go forward in this pretty forest while following the indications. A few meters after heading left on the forest path, swerve slightly to the right towards the vines then walk along them directly to the left.

Port of Goulee

At the end of the road you arrive on the D201, road to the port of Goulée, turn right to the port. At the stop sign, on the left, join the bridge on the pedestrian side and enjoy the view of the canal, its lock and the channel with the view of the estuary. Do not hesitate to cross and wilt along the wooden huts along the channel, to discover these old huts used for the storage of fishing equipment and for oysters.

The entrance to the estuary

Retrace your steps to take the path that runs along the channel opposite the Le Canoë restaurant. Many panels indicate the continuity of your route. Continue your way towards the estuary, next to the picnic tables. At the end and the entrance to the channel, a magnificent view is offered to you both over the estuary and over all the squares on your left.

Bird species

Depending on the tides, many species of birds, egrets, seagulls take their places in this entrance. The walk continues on the dike on the right.

Estuary view

As you walk, on your right you will see the church of Valeyrac, the mattes and a duck barrel, a traditional waterfowl hunting habitat. On your left and on a clear day, the view is breathtaking over the Gironde estuary and the Charente coast. From left to right, you can see Mortagne sur Gironde then Saint Romain sur Gironde with their troglodyte landscape.


Continuing on the dike, observe the different fauna species on the edge of the estuary such as: thistle, wild fennel and reeds. Arrive at the sign, turn right to return to the city center. On the way, depending on the season, field flowers, blackberries , myrtles bloom along the mattes.

Back to the church square

At the end of the clay path, turn left, follow the D2, pass in front of the cemetery then turn on the first right to return to the starting point.

Points of interest

L’église Notre Dame de Valeyrac

The Church of Our Lady of Valeyrac

Le port de Goulée

The port of Goulee

Vignes et châteaux

Vineyards and castles

Les Mattes

The Mattes

To discover

See the route


Estuary Loop

10,4 km
Duration: 3h
Difficulty : Very easy