In Captieux, the songs of the Haute Lande

Distance: 46 km
by mountain bike
Duration: 4h
Difficulty : Average
Departure: CAPTIOUS
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Here, at the beginning of autumn, when everything seems to be preparing to slowly return to winter, the cooing of wood pigeons and the "crou-crou" of common cranes come to wake everyone up.

Your itinerary


The start

Departure from the church of Captieux. Leave the square by crossing the D932 then take the D114 towards Lucmau.

The village of Lucmau

In the village, notice the church and its gabled bell tower and take a short trip on the D115 to the right, towards Beaulac, just to see from the road the medieval mill which spans the stream. Retrace your steps, pass in front of the Cercle de la Concorde. Do not hesitate to push the door of this Café de Pays to meet the locals of the stage.

On the way to Cazalis

To continue, pedal starting on the D.115 towards Cazalis. Spin to this village through a wood for 5 km. Only a few streams form slope breaks in the route and are a source of freshness. 1 km before arriving in the village, a road on the left invites you to a very special getaway.

The town of Cazalis and its doucs

Drive south for 2 km, and when the road becomes a little hilly, leave the relief on the right. Place your bike along this road. Enter the young forest on a white sand path and climb to the high point. Here, you are on the Doucs de Cazalis, these very old sand dunes, formed by the wind in geological times. And Return to its wheels to continue the route. See also the crane observatory from November to February.

To Bourideys

In the village of Cazalis, turn left towards Bourideys and continue on the D.115 to Bourideys.

Through the district of Souis

Pass the isolated district of Souis by crossing, at the crossroads, the D.9. Drive 4 km to reach Bourideys and stop in the village. Take advantage of the small body of water behind the town hall to relax or have a picnic and discover a work of contemporary art from the forest.

Next stop Callen

At the junction, take the D.8 south towards Callen. At 5 km, it turns into D.4 as it passes through the Landes department. Arrive at the fork of the D.104 and turn left then go for 3 km. Be careful, in the bend take a small paved road to the right which crosses the corn fields of the Gouil du Can estate. is very favorable for the observation of common cranes.

Place called Pallas

At the end of the road, at a place called Pallas, turn left on the D.114 E, pass under the electric line equipped with plastic twists to prevent the cranes from hitting the wires.

Back to Captieux

Cross the Naou stream bridge, then a few kilometers further on the Lartigaut bridge, which flows towards the Garonne. The return route runs due east on this D114E. Nearly 9 km freewheeling on this linear forest interspersed with tiny streams. The biggest of them, La Gouaneyre, will tell you that the end is near! At the Captieux crossroads, turn right towards the center and find the church, the starting point of the walk. If you want something sweet to recharge your batteries, go to the Seguin pastry shop and taste its famous “wells of love”!

Points of interest

Le village de Captieux

The village of Captieux

Le Cercle de la Concorde

The Circle of Concord

La forêt de pins

The pine forest

Les "Doucs" ces dunes continentales

The "Doucs" these continental dunes

La Métis de la Forêt d'Art Contemporain

The Métis of the Contemporary Art Forest

L'hivernage des grues cendrées

The wintering of common cranes

La palombe un autre oiseau migrateur

The pigeon another migratory bird

Les spécialités de Captieux, puits d'amour

The specialties of Captieux, well of love