Cycling from Brion to Vertheuil

Distance: 16,6 km
by bike
Duration: 2h
Difficulty : Easy
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Welcome to the cycling route that connects the Gallo-Roman Archaeological Site of Brion in Saint-Germain-d'Esteuil to the Abbey of Vertheuil. In addition to the richness of these two jewels of Médoc heritage, you will enjoy discovering two Châteaux rooted in the wine-growing history of the Médoc.
Swamps, vineyards, hills, undergrowth, plains: various are the landscapes that you will cross during this walk.

Your itinerary


The start

The starting point for this bike ride is at the Theater of the Gallo-Roman Archaeological site of Brion.


Proceed on the dirt road to a crossroads, turn right and cross the swamp.

Calupeyre Channel

You arrive in front of the Chenal de la Calupeyre, which you cross by a small bridge. We advise you to get off your bike before crossing the channel.

Edge of the undergrowth

Once on the other side, continue straight for 600 meters to the edge of the undergrowth.

Stone Bridge Street

You leave the Palud de Reyssan (to the right) and take the straight path which rises slightly. Continue on the main dirt road, you reach a paved road: Rue du Pont de Pierre.

Hawthorn Street

Continue on this street until the intersection with Rue des Aubépines: turn right at the intersection and take Rue Des Aubépines.

Entrance to the Bourg de Vertheuil, rue du 8 Mai

Continue on this road, which becomes Rue des Erables, then Rue de la Gare. Continue (about 1,7 km) until you enter the Bourg de Vertheuil formed by the intersection with Rue du 8 Mai, where you will turn right.

Vertheuil Abbey

Continue for 150 meters, and you will see the unmissable Abbaye de VertheuilTurn right at the Abbaye on Rue de l'Abbaye.

Hourglass Path

Follow this path for 300 meters to the first crossroads where you continue on Rue de l'Abbaye, turning left. At the next crossroads (100 meters further on), also turn left on Chemin des Sabliers. You can see Château Reyssan on your left.

Rue des Chenes

Thereafter, you follow the railway line for 600 meters, on your right. At the next crossroads, formed with the intersection with Rue des Chênes, continue straight on the main road (do not turn onto Rue des Chênes).

Jalle Street

Continue on this road for about 1 km. Turn right onto Rue de la Jalle.

Transversal to the Route de Guibeau

Continue on Rue de la Jalle and Rue du Gouat, after 500 meters turn left.

Guibeau Road

Continue to the next intersection (600 meters) and turn right onto Rue de Guibeau.

Hauterive Road

Continue for 800 meters to the intersection with Route de Hauterive where you will turn left.

Towards the Route de Brie

Turn immediately right (60 meters).

Road to Brie

Continue to the intersection with the Route de Brie (185 meters) where you will turn left.

Road to Miqueu

Continue to the next intersection with Route de Miqueu (200 meters) and turn right towards Bourg de Saint-Germain d'Esteuil.

Road to Barbehere

Start crossing the village of Saint-Germain-d'Esteuil and at the exit you can observe the Château Castera on the left. Keep heading on the D4 for about 700 meters and take the Route de Barbehère on your right.

Boyentran Road

300 meters further on your left is the Allée Couverte de Barbehère. 1,2 km further you arrive at the Route de Boyentran where you will turn right.

Gouat Street

600 meters further, you will turn left on the Gouat road.

Path of the Archaeological Site of Brion

After 1 km there is a path on the left which leads to the Archaeological Site of Brion.

End of the course

Continue for 1 km on the path until you arrive at your starting point.

Points of interest

Château Castera

Castle Castera

Château Livran

Chateau Livran

Site Archéologique de Brion

Brion Archaeological Site

Abbatiale de l'Abbaye de Vertheuil

Abbey of the Abbey of Vertheuil

Allée Couverte de Barbehère

Barbehère Covered Alley