Marketing Plan 2020-21

The 2020/201 marketing plan is part of the implementation of the Departmental Plan for Sustainable Tourism Development, voted by the Departmental Assembly of Gironde.

It presents, in an operational way, the actions proposed by Gironde Tourisme to its partners to meet the challenges of the Scheme, through three main objectives:

  • affirm the image of the Gironde on the French domestic market to gain in attendance (outside high season) and loyalty (this aspect of the marketing plan takes on a crucial dimension in the context of the current health crisis),
  • consolidate market shares and renew the image of the Gironde on the major European outbound markets which constitute its international "goodwill",
  • bring added value to the Bordeaux destination to conquer/strengthen strongly contributing distant markets.

The implementation of this marketing plan relies, of course, on the essential collaboration with our institutional and professional partners.

In January 2021, the orientation program has been readjusted in light of the COVID-19 context which has a significant impact on tourist mobility, particularly international, and amplifies certain trends that have been emerging until now.