Cultural Heritage

The Iconiques en Gironde

Inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List for some, National Monuments or recognized by the Michelin Guide for others, Iconiques en Gironde are invitations to discovery. The discovery of the History of the Gironde told through the legends and historical anecdotes of 19 remarkable sites.

The Iconiques en Gironde, a notebook of secrets

Attention, dear readers, this notebook of secrets is only the boarding pass to a curious discovery of the iconic sites, because to fully understand what we are going to tell you, you will also have to visit them. And then, as we know you, we know that you will not hesitate to go further than the end of this Gironde, to fully explore it, and in particular its heritage as rich as it is diverse and surprising: Bastides, mills ou still headlights.

The "Minute Iconique", a series of podcasts (only in French, sorry!)

In this original series, discover the 19 Iconic places of Gironde. At each site, its story told by a key figure of the time. La Minute Iconique, a historic, curious and unusual French podcast to savor without moderation.

Iconics, remarkable sites