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Oh the Medoc…. its ocean, its endless pine forests, its land steeped in river and wine history... Let yourself be guided, we'll take you to the heart of a breathtaking destination.

Not to be missed

The Route des Châteaux

  • For lovers of grand crus and pretty strolls, we present to you, or we no longer present to you, depending on the case, the Route des Châteaux. A trip that takes you on a discovery of the most beautiful wine chateaux in the area, to amaze you. Be careful, change of scenery guaranteed: don't worry, you are still on the Route des Châteaux, even if you come across a castle that looks like the Taj Mahal... the Médoc is a land of surprises, we have warned you!
  • The Estuary
    A maritime route since Antiquity, the Gironde Estuary is above all a destination rich in surprises, as history has left traces there, sometimes unusual. It is also an ideal place of navigation for the followers of the curious ride. On your right, Fort Pâté, but also Fort Medoc, heritage of Vauban, who, with his famous architectural “lock”, draws a unique heritage itinerary. Ladies and gentlemen, on your left you can also admire the lighthouses that litter the coast (there is also a real Lighthouses Route), and in the first place, the only lighthouse of Cordouan, our Versailles of the Seas of which we are very proud!
  • Ocean or lake? choose no more !
    For all your desires for aquatic strolls, nautical activities, head for the Atlantic Coast. There, we can grant your wishes of freshness. A desire for a regenerating walk with your feet in the water and your head in the open air? The ocean is there, waiting for you: all you have to do is choose your spot, and that will probably be the most difficult task! From Verdon-sur-mer to Le Porge, via Montalivet, Carcans, Hourtin, Lacanau, the Coast is full of wild landscapes, family seaside resorts, all of this always linked to the forest, never far away. The cycle paths are there to create a link between ocean and nature, so let's go!
  • Nature !
    The Médoc is a nature destination par excellence. So natural, that it is also an essential naturist spot in France, especially near Montalivet. Don't worry, even if you stay dressed, you can feel closer to the elements around you...
    The good adress : The Jenny, 756 chalets spread over 127 hectares in the Porge forest. Activities: golf, yoga, aquagym, show, cabaret, theme evening… 

  • Cultural heritage
    Historical land of welcome for pilgrims to Compostela, the Médoc is a heritage treasure in itself. The legacy of Compostela will give the Basilica of Notre-Dame-de-la-Fin-des-Terres in Soulac a UNESCO heritage listing. Moreover, Soulac has not finished surprising you with its vintage look and its “1900” allure: a seaside town to discover absolutely! The "Estuary Lock”, he, built to protect the territory and in particular Bordeaux from potential invasions, remains an architectural defense jewel, to be visited by boat, to have an even more beautiful view. We also invite you to take the famous Route des Phares, which will take you from North to South by connecting the ocean and the Bassin, from the Verdon to the Cap-Ferret lighthouse. 
The view from the Grave lighthouse in Verdon-sur-Mer

Don't leave without tasting...

  • A piece of Grenier Médoc 
    If you are given the raw “recipe” from Grenier Médoc, you won't necessarily be seduced… and yet, on the palate, with a good little glass of red wine*, it's heaven! This typical pâté which combines meat and vegetable broth is spiced up to perfection, and brings you closer to the Médoc region, with an exclusive and strong specialty. 
  • Ceps found “homemade”
    We, what we love, is autumn. Why? Because it's mushroom season, of course! And among the star mushrooms of this season, we can only advise you to go pick ceps. The first thing to know is that there are porcini “corners”, and it will be difficult to subtract this valuable information from the locals 🙂 But don’t worry, if the conditions are met, you will necessarily find some on your way! This is an opportunity for a good walk that looks like a treasure hunt, with, to end in style, the creation of a nice spicy dish that accompanies delicious meats in particular.
  • A piece of Agneau de Pauillac
    This typical product obviously only exists here, with “sheepfold” lambs raised “under the mother”. A know-how held and transmitted for centuries by breeders. The tradition goes back to the 13th century, when the shepherds of the Pyrenees went up to Gironde during their transhumance. The “Agneau de Pauillac” appellation, which has a Label rouge and an IGP, concerns approximately 1600 animals, only in Gironde. Suffice to say that if you want to taste it, you will have to come! 
  • An exceptional wine region
    From Jalle de Blanquefort to Pointe de Grave, the Médoc area is bathed in sunshine…. and through the vines! Do you really want to know EVERYTHING about the appellations, the diversity of landscapes offered by the vineyard? We answer all your questions and much more here.
  • A few Sarments du Médoc (but just out of greed!)
    Made in Margaux, the Sarments were born from the technical incident of a machine for making chocolatines (for non-Girondins, chocolatine = pain au chocolat). Luckily for us, these little strands of chocolate, which strangely resemble the surrounding vine shoots, have survived and have even become very famous. All that remains is to enjoy these unexpected delicacies!

The shopping moment 

Do your shopping, find a multitude of souvenirs and treat yourself by flashing on a piece of clothing? Yes, it is possible, at the Montalivet-les-Bains market. More than 200 traders are there for your greatest pleasure with stalls that are as varied as they are appetizing. All summer, the market is sold out. It is the largest market in the area, which also offers late-night openings and other entertainment around your stroll all summer long. 

On the way ...

… the Tour de Gironde by bike. The Atlantic Coast as far as the eye can see, you go up quietly towards the Médoc lakes : Lacanau and of course Hourtin-Carcans, the largest freshwater lake in France. Maybe it's time to put down your bike and try out new sports, like surfing or paddleboarding. To definitely adopt the California Bordelaise spirit, go up to Vendays-Montalivet, and its beach with lifeguard huts (which would almost make us want to take out our red jersey). 
Between ocean & estuary you are now in Verdon-sur-Mer. Boats leave for the Charente coast but especially for the Cordouan Lighthouse, the “Versailles of the Sea”. After climbing 301 steps (very precisely) let yourself be surprised by this breathtaking view of the mouth of the largest estuary in Europe. 

The crush of the editorial team 

Cordouan, obviously! This grandiose, historic lighthouse and still “inhabited” by its keepers is unique in its kind. No wonder it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site! On the lighthouse website, a virtual tour will take you on board for this unprecedented sea adventure. Plan the day to visit it, because its visit is organized according to the tides. 

Our good addresses

To sleep

- Resort hotel & spa Vitalparc : hotel complex, bar restaurant and wellness area in the heart of the Lacanau pine forest.

- Yelloh! The Western Village : 4-star campsite with aquatic area in Hourtin, on the theme of the American ranch. 

- Laulan's Mancine : charming guest house in the heart of the vineyards.

- The Customs House : gourmet and local cuisine, panoramic terrace and guest rooms on the Gironde Estuary.

- The Mosaic House : atypical mosaic cottage with swimming pool, close to the vineyards and the ocean.

To eat

- The Flower with the Gun : local cuisine that evolves according to the fishing and the seasons.

- Le Relais de Sophie in a tavern : traditional and family cuisine, specializing in seafood.

- The Nicoll's Brothers : friendly bar-restaurant to eat, relax or even work.

- Café Lavinal : Generous bistro-style cuisine, in the heart of the charming, picturesque village of Bages.

- Restaurant Ratatouille : master restaurateur, traditional and local cuisine with fresh products.

* Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.

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