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Blaye – Bourg – Terres d'Estuaire

Sometimes wine, it charms epicureans. Unquestionably architectural, it delights history buffs. Resolutely natural, it seduces dreamers. The Haute-Gironde is a sweet parenthesis less than 50 km north of Bordeaux. Blaye-Bourg-Terres d'Estuaire, it's quite a program… follow the guide, we'll take you. 

Not to be missed

The citadel of Blaye UNESCO

  • This fortress is a veritable jewel of history. We stroll there with pleasure, to meet the craftsmen, restaurateurs and other traders who make its heart beat all year round. In this architectural jewel, one quickly takes the measure of the military art of Vauban and of this Lock who valiantly defended the entrance to the Estuary. To spice up the ride a little, opt for a visit like no other: through the underground passages, in escape game mode, with the family on the trail of Robin or even in the footsteps of the men who proudly cultivate the micro-vineyard of Clos de l 'Echauguette, within the very enclosure of the citadel. 
    As a bonus, the views over the Estuary from the Place des Armes are simply stunning.
  • Terres d'Oiseaux 
    In this remote part of the Gironde, the change of scenery is total. At the foot of Port des Callonges, on the edge of the Estuary, an exceptional biotope extends over more than 116 ha: the marshes. Here, the birds are kings. Whether they are migratory, wintering, nesting or simply occasional, you will need patience and discretion to be able to observe them. Through the discovery trails, platforms or observatories, there will be plenty of opportunities, we guarantee it! An advice ? Open your eyes. And if you don't have birds, you might just come face to face with a work of art… but shhhhhhhhhhh…
  • Pair non Pair 
    Deciphering prehistoric drawings is an activity like no other! In one of the oldest decorated caves in the world, walk in the footsteps of François Daleau. 
    From engravings dating from 30 years before our era, to tens of thousands of tools and animal bones, you will touch the mysteries of our ancestors. Good tip: the visit is free for those under 000. 
  • Old village of Plassac  
    When art and history feed each other, the result is the mosaic village of Plassac. Here, the vestiges of a Gallo-Roman villa are preserved with passion and precaution. It is this little piece of history that inspires the craftsmen of the town on a daily basis. The Terra Aventura course “Our lady of Montuzet” is ideal for discovering the achievements scattered around the village but also for gaining height and admiring the estuary. We won't tell you more... 
  • The village of Bourg
    To appreciate all the beauty of this ancient village, choose the water route. There are many cruises and will offer you a breathtaking view of this perched village on the banks of the Dordogne. In front of you, the lower town bears witness to the port activity once developed, while the upper town hides shops and craftsmen behind its ramparts. 
    Here, the village can be visited in 10 holes! Because there's nothing like a mini-golf course in the city to combine sport and cultural discovery, and delight young and old alike. Friday and Saturday evenings at Côtes de Bourg wine bar, a wine list worthy of the name, gourmet dishes & the sunset are waiting for you. Finally, you will not be able to leave without having crossed the French-style garden of the citadel, where old roses and string-cut shrubs steal the show.

Don't leave without tasting...

  • Pralines from Blaye 
    These small almonds cooked in sugar, which crackle under the tooth… mmmm! Impossible to resist. For some, they come from Montargis... but in Gironde we know very well that it was in 1649 in the kitchens of the Duke of Choiseul, Count of Plessis-Praslin, that pralines were born to "appease" the Bordeaux people in insurrection. against royal power. Enough chatter, today, the tradition lives on: the pralines are cooked in sugar and turned by hand. We would be wrong to deprive ourselves of it, wouldn't we? 
  • The Figue de Bourg©
    It is THE sweet delicacy, ideal to accompany a cup of tea. This pastry is made with marzipan, figs, cream, fig alcohol and chocolate. The story goes that the young King Louis XIV, while walking in a garden, wanted to pick a fig. Too small to reach him, a monk lifted him up to help him... A crime against your Majesty! Fortunately, Queen Anne of Austria pardoned him. In memory, the inhabitants of Bourg planted fig trees and gave birth to the Figue de Bourg©.
  • Blayais asparagus
    They are recognized by their pearly color, white from head to turion or purple ranging from pink to purple. Well formed, they have a tight tip, and are sometimes slightly curved (that makes all their charm). And above all, what a taste! The tip is melting, they are delicate and tasty, a perfect balance between sweetness and bitterness. Undoubtedly, a dish that we love to savor and share.
  • Wines
    Here, the vineyard brings together passionate men and women, around a powerful and woody red or white, delicate and floral nectar. Don't wait for the open doors to come and meet them. For a lunch, a picnic, or during Festibalades, the vineyard can be tasted all year round, without moderation.

The shopping moment 

Because we know that you are greedy, we advise you “Les Délices de l'Estuaire”. Corinne Pinto's jams, syrups and chutneys are born in the heart of the Blaye countryside. When the fresh, seasonal fruit simmers slowly in the copper cauldron… umm, your mouth is watering. For the aperitif: the tomato-onion chutney will surprise your guests. On the main course side, nettle jelly will enhance meats and vegetables. And for dessert, there's nothing like a blackberry coulis to spice up a sundae of ice cream. You understood, there is something for everyone.

Ideas for walks

The estuary is undoubtedly the central element of our destination. We cross it, we navigate it and above all we love it. To get to know it, there are multiple possibilities: guided cruises, sea kayaking, from Bordeaux or Blayais. It is full of treasures, starting with its nine islands: Patiras, Bouchaud, Nouvelle, Pâté, Verte, Nord, Cazeau, Margaux, Macau. Like sisters, they each have their charm, their character and take turns stealing the spotlight. Something also captivates all eyes on the edge of the estuary…these are the squares. These huts, with long and sometimes fragile legs, are typical of the banks of the Gironde. We can see them in the distance, like guardians of the coast, discreet and iconic. 

The squares

The crush  of the editorial team 

How about going for lunch on an island? It is in a green setting in the middle of the estuary that the Refuge de Patiras invites you to a cocktail at your fingertips. Concerned about the island and this exceptional environment, the chef offers you from April to October a seasonal meal accompanied by Bordeaux wines. When you land on the island, you are promised a total change of scenery and a real moment of tranquility.

Our good addresses

To sleep

- Clos Réaud from the Citadel : character guest rooms in an 18th century building a stone's throw from the Citadel of Blaye.

- Bohemian Glamping Experience : unusual accommodation, comfortable lodge tents and private spa, in a 100% natural setting (from February 14 to October 31).

- The Auberge du Porche : charming 3-star hotel in a historic building in Blaye.

To eat

- The newsboy : Gourmet bistro-style table, in an authentic place with terrace.
+ 33 (0) 5 57 58 21 03

- Restaurant at the La Citadelle hotel : South-West cuisine with panoramic views of the Estuary, within the ramparts of the Citadel. 

- The Bouchon de Bourg : restaurant and wine bar, generous and authentic winegrower cuisine.

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