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The Moulins de Montalon and their stele

On the hillside of Montalon remain the towers of old windmills. Numerous on the crest of the hills bordering the Dordogne to the north, these mills are typical of Aquitaine. They belong to the series of mill-towers, several of which, in Lansac, Montagne, Vensac and Verdelais, are in working order. People came to Montalon to grind the grain from the wheat, rye and oat fields in the area, at a time when the vines did not monopolize the best land. The millers of Montalon, quite wealthy, were famous for their fights with the fishermen of the nearby port of La Plagne. Two of the three towers have been renovated to accommodate the public. One, managed by the Tourist Office, allows a panoramic discovery of the 45th parallel. Another tower, transformed into an astronomical observatory, is managed by the municipality and the Association of Secular Works.

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Loop of Montalon, Saint-André-de-Cubzac

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Loop of Montalon, Saint-André-de-Cubzac

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Château Robillard and its park



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