Loubens Mill

Majestic ensemble, by its size and appearance, the Loubens mill is one of the most remarkable in Entre-deux-Mers. Its installation seems to date back to the 2th century. A square, medieval tower, built on an island, has similarities with the mill of Bagas which is 2000 km downstream. It includes three sets of grinding wheels still in place. However, it is not a fortified building, it is a bridge-dike mill. To the north construction was added, in the XNUMXth century, a bridge with a double row of arches which contained two other pairs of millstones and a fuller (a machine used, not to grind grain, but to tread textiles. These mills were often called "beater mills"). This southern part of the mill earned it the name of “petit Chenonceau”. The mill is listed as a Historic Monument (XNUMX).

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