Cap or not cap to test these unusual bathing spots? To make you want to go on an adventure, we are talking to the explorer who lies dormant in you. Be careful, no need for a big hat and a whip to play tough, here we are talking about a breakaway near your home, without breaking the bank. 

Here is our challenge: to bathe everywhere in Gironde, but not on the coast (the bathtub does not count either). 

A memorable dish in Hostens Lake !

Here in Hostens, not 1 but 5 lakes await you! Each lake has its own outdoor activity. So, we pitch the tent for a few days on the campsite of the domain and we explore. Between two strokes of the paddle, an epic canoe reversal and lots of giggles, we take the time to observe the birds hidden in the reeds. Try the head-first dive into the lake and taste the coolness. Hmmmm! For “by night” swimming, experiment with night fishing. Yes, yes, you heard right. End this experience for us with an angel jump in the peaceful and sleeping water: a session like no other!

se baigner en gironde

A more or less successful dive White Mill

Bathing is good, but it's even better after exercise; so, early in the morning, head for Saint-Christoly-de-Blaye, for a fitness trail + a well-deserved swim. A few warm-ups to get us on our feet, we set off in small strides, tackling the super athletic course that awaits us. Sunday sportsmen, you too can try your luck 🙂 Arrived at the scale of monkeys, it's not the same story. But you will tell us! Your reward: a HUGE splash in cool water, super cool… It wakes you up, you say! From our deserted beach, we can see a mountain bike trail on the other side of the lake: springboards, balance seesaw, footbridge… For next time, because there, we are currently doing the board.

se baigner en gironde

A leap from the angel Blasimon

The Domaine de Blasimon is 50 hectares of nature, including a 7-hectare lake, enough to do pretty lengths. A lake for fishing, one for nautical activities, and another for swimming, what a choice! And for those who are still thirsty for adventure, the estate has a life-size escape game in store for you. Compass and orientation map in hand, it's up to you. Once in the forest, do not lose your bearings and follow the clues carefully, Le Secret des Moines depends on you. Between two sprints, take the time to observe, to listen to nature, to hug the trees, it seems that the benefits of sylvotherapy are well established.

se baigner en gironde

And the list does not end there:

Happy swimming and a great summer in Gironde!